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One Investor’s Take On Why Oil Will Rise To US$70

Marc Faber shares the reasons behind his view that oil prices will rise to US$70 per barrel. More »

How Exposed Is Great Eastern Holding Limited To The Threat Of Autonomous Vehicles?

Autonomous vehicles can bring down auto insurance premiums drastically. Is insurance outfit Great Eastern Holding Limited (SGX:G07) at risk? More »

Frasers Centrepoint Ltd Continues Investing In Australia

What does the future hold for Frasers Centrepoint Ltd (SGX:TQ5)? More »

Mapletree Industrial Trust’s Latest Earnings: Distribution Grows 1.8% as Rental Rates Stall

Mapletree Industrial Trust (SGX:ME8U) reported 1.8% growth in distributions in its latest earnings release. But, it also issued a cautious outlook. More »

3 Things Investors Should Know About Bumitama Agri Ltd

It's all about palm oil producer Bumitama Agri Ltd's (SGX:P8Z) plantation growth, age profile of its trees, and majority owners. More »

An Investor’s Quick Guide To Understanding The Cost Structure Of SIA Engineering Company Ltd

A breakdown of SIA Engineering Company Ltd's (SGX:S59) cost structure. More »

A Look At Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Limited’s Dividend From 3 Important Investing Angles

What can Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Limited's (SGX:O39) historical business numbers tell us about the sustainability of its dividend? More »

My First-Trip To Cambodia, And The (Investing) Things I Found!

A Fool visits Cambodia and finds many Singapore-listed and Malaysia-listed companies with businesses there. More »

An Investor’s Comparison Of The Business Fundamentals of Singapore Post Limited and POS Malaysia Bhd

We take a closer look at the business of Singapore Post Limited (SGX:S08) and POS Malaysia Bhd (KLSE:4634.KL). More »

Hutchison Port Holdings Trust’s Latest Earnings: A Lackluster Quarter

What investors need to know about Hutchison Port Holdings Trust's (SGX:NS8U) latest earnings. More »

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The SGX APAC Dividend Leaders REIT ETF was recently launched and would start trading in Singapore soon. More »

Why Eight Out of 10 Investors Go Wrong


Eight out of 10 people can't beat a risk-free rate of return of 2.5%. But here is how you can do it. More »

Singapore’s Economy Contracts In The Third-Quarter: What Investors Should Know


Is it all doom and gloom for investors? More »

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