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The Market’s Special Winners and a Story of Pain and Losses

Believe it or not, but some of the stock market's best winners have been extremely painful stocks to hold for their investors. More »

3 Companies That Are Saying “NO” To The Current Market Slump

Investors in Golden Agri-Resources Ltd (SGX:E5H), SMRT Corporation Ltd (SGX:S53), and CapitaLand Mall Trust (SGX:C38UU), can cheer despite the market downturn. More »

2 Companies With Insiders Putting Money Where Their Mouths Are

GL Ltd (SGX:B16) and Keppel REIT (SGX: K71U) are two stocks which have seen insiders buying lately. More »

The Better Diversified-REIT: Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust Vs. Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust

It is a tough choice between Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust (SGX: T82U) and Sunway Real Estate Investment Trust. More »

6 Things You Must Know About Singapore’s Bank Stocks

A mini tour of the big three banks in Singapore, DBS Group Holdings Ltd (SGX:D05), Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Limited (SGX:O39), and United Overseas Bank... More »

When Your Stocks Crash, Here’s 1 Thing You Shouldn’t Do

When your stocks crash, what you should not do can be as important as what you should do. More »

Building Your Own $1 Million Portfolio

There are four things you need to bear in mind if you want to build your own $1 million portfolio. More »

Will A Recession Harm Golden Agri-Resources Ltd?

Can Golden Agri-Resources Ltd’s (SGX:E5H) balance sheet hold up in a recession? Let’s look at two simple but effective ratios to find out more. More »

3 Companies Paying Dividends This Week

An egg producer is one of the three companies which are dishing out some moolah for the week. More »

3 Billion-Dollar Companies You Might Not Have Heard Before

Looking for large yet unknown companies? These three companies might just be what you're looking for. More »

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Why You Should Buy Singapore Shares Now


Don't get caught up in the emotions of the stock-market rollercoaster. It is never about blind optimism nor about abject pessimism, but about rational... More »

3 Big Risks Investors Must Know About A Real Estate Investment Trust

singapore-243669_1920 (1)

Nothing is without risk. This goes for real estate investment trusts (REITs) too. More »

Are Stocks In Singapore Cheap Or Expensive Now?

Stock Market Index

An important and expansive look at the state of stock market valuations in Singapore at the moment. More »

15 Things You Have To Know About Singapore’s Stock Market


Crucial facts about the local stock market that every Singaporean needs to know. More »

3 Simple Tips to Help You Lessen Investing Risks

Credit: Lali Masriera
Credit: Lali Masriera

Risks are inevitable when it comes to stock market investing. Here's how you may be able to manage them. More »

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