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The Week In Numbers: Lower and Lower

The US market fell to a two-year low, the greenback slumped to a 15-month low against the Japanese yen and the home of James... More »

3 Things You Need To Know About the Singapore Stock Market Today

It's all about the latest earnings, a mistake to learn from Warren Buffett, and great Foolish thoughts for handling a market decline. More »

2 Questions You Need To Ask Before Selling Your Stocks During A Market Decline

Before you sell your stocks, there are important questions to ask of yourself. More »

When Averaging Down Makes No Sense

It does not make sense to average down on a falling stock if its business is performing poorly. More »

Singapore Telecommunications Limited’s Latest Earnings: Running to Stand Still

Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX:Z74) just reported its fiscal third-quarter earnings and saw flat revenue and profit. More »

This Is 1 Warren Buffett Mistake Investors Should Be Aware Of Right Now

Stocks like Noble Group Limited (SGX:N21) are priced really cheaply in relation to their assets. But, investing on that criteria alone can be a... More »

A Cross-Border Battle: Singapore And Malaysia’s Giant Consumer Companies

Want to know if Malaysia or Singapore has the better consumer company? More »

Will a Recession Harm Boustead Singapore Limited?

Can Boustead Singapore Limited’s (SGX:F9D) balance sheet hold up in a recession? Let’s look at two simple but effective ratios to find out more. More »

4 Key Insights from the Chief Executive Officer of a Market Beating Stock

Four key management insights from the Chief Executive Officer of Riverstone Holdings Ltd (SGX:AP4), Wong Teek Son. More »

When Your Stocks Crash, Here’re 3 Things You Shouldn’t Do

When your stocks crash, what you should not do can be as important as what you should do. More »

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9 Big Investing Mistakes to Avoid For the Year of the Money And Beyond

Monkey with a Happy New Year sign (2)

It may be more important for investors to avoid mistakes than it is to find big winners. Here are some big blunders to avoid... More »

The Stock Markets Have Given Up Making Sense


For better or for worse, the market appears to have stopped making sense, But it doesn't mean we have to. More »

Why You Should Buy Singapore Shares Now


Don't get caught up in the emotions of the stock-market rollercoaster. It is never about blind optimism nor about abject pessimism, but about rational... More »

3 Big Risks Investors Must Know About A Real Estate Investment Trust

singapore-243669_1920 (1)

Nothing is without risk. This goes for real estate investment trusts (REITs) too. More »

Are Stocks In Singapore Cheap Or Expensive Now?

Stock Market Index

An important and expansive look at the state of stock market valuations in Singapore at the moment. More »

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