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Can this Winning Share Continue Growing?

Boustead Singapore Limited (SGX:F9D) has been a great market beater over the past 5 years. What's driving it's growth and more important, can it... read more »


Will These Singapore Shares Be Harmed By New Malaysian Taxes Next Year?

Silverlake Axis Ltd (SGX: 5CP) and Courts Asia Ltd (SGX: RE2) do lots of business in Malaysia. Would a new Malaysia tax be bad... read more »

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Where to Next for this “Super” Multi-bagger?

Super Group Ltd. (SGX:S10) is up 580% since the start of 2009. What's next? read more »


2 Shares That Beat the Market Today

Sheng Siong Group Ltd (SGX:OV8) and Civmec Ltd (SGX:P9D) have both managed to beat the market today. read more »

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3 Quick Steps to Find Long-Term Winners

With shares like Neo Group Ltd (SGX: 5UJ) and Sarine Technologies Ltd (SGX:U77) as an example, find out how you can find great long-term... read more »

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Does Croesus Retail Trust’s Private Placement Make Sense?

Croesus Retail Trust (SGX: S6NU) is launching a private placement to buy a retail mall in Japan. Does the deal make sense for existing... read more »

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1 Deadly Emotion to Avoid when You Invest

Learn to avoid this deadly emotion from a legendary fund manager. read more »


Why Have STATS ChipPAC Ltd. Fallen By 11.5% Today?

STATS ChipPAC Ltd. (SGX: S24) saw its shares fall by as much as 11.5% in morning. What happened? read more »

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This Medical Company Has Gained 420% Since January 2014: What’s Next?

TalkMed Group Ltd (SGX:5G3) has been a huge winner over the last nine months. But, can it last? read more »

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Why Low Risk Does Not Mean Low Returns

Shares like Boustead Singapore Limited (SGX:F9D) and Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited (SGX:J36) have managed to deliver huge returns with low risk. read more »

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Unravelling the Stock Market

Find out all you need to know about the stock market here. read more »

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Can This Company Recover From a 59% Crash In Profit?

Select Group Limited (SGX:5FQ) has come a long way since it started catering food for households in 1991. Can it recover from its 59%... read more »

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This Share Has Doubled Over the Last 4 Years: Can It Continue Growing?

MTQ Corporation Limited (SGX:M05) has more than doubled in price over the past four years. What's driving its growth? read more »


3 Shares That Beat the Market Today

Manhattan Resources Limited (SGX:L02) and Spackman Entertainment Group (SGX:40E) are two shares that managed to beat the market today. read more »