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A Surprising Thing That Great Companies Tend To Do That Leads To Great Profits

Great companies are great because they have the right focus. read more »


Three Things To Like About M1

Some investors are not greatly enamoured by geographic diversification. In fact, they will go to any length to deliberately avoid companies that have anything... read more »

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Would This Share’s 416% Growth in Price Continue?

A quick run-through on the business fundamentals of a market-beating share. read more »

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Peculiar Traits of Rich People And What You Can Learn From Them

Three things the rich do differently. read more »


Hotel Properties Limited Has Surged On A Privatisation Offer – Who’s Next?

There's been a recent spate of takeover offers for real estate shares here. Are there more to come? read more »

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Keppel Telecommunication and Transportation Continues On Its Growth Path

Highlights from Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation's latest first quarter results. read more »

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Can Large-Cap Shares Actually Become Bargains More Frequently Than Small-Cap Shares?

Shares with large market-capitalisations can often be mis-priced in the market even if they are widely covered. read more »

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Qian Hu’s Strong Rebound in the First Quarter

What investors need to know about Qian Hu's latest first quarter results. read more »

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“What’s Your View on the Market?”

Where the market's going might have no bearing how well your investments will do at all. read more »


Three Shares That Lost To the Market Today

The Straits Times Index climbed by 1% to 3,246 points today. What were some of the shares that did worse than it? read more »