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Here’s Why The Cheap-Looking Cosco Corporation (Singapore) Limited May Not Be a Bargain After All

Cosco Corporation (Singapore) Limited (SGX:F83) is selling at a discount to its net tangible assets. But, that does not necessarily mean its shares are... More »

3 Wise Views on Super Group Ltd

The 3 wise men turn their attention to Super Group Ltd (SGX:S10). Read on to find out more. More »

Would Warren Buffett Buy ARA Asset Management?

Could Real Estate Investment Trust manager, ARA Asset Management, have the right attributes to be a Warren Buffett stock? More »

Big Changes Are Coming To The Life Insurance Industry: How Might Great Eastern Holding Limited Be Affected?

Will a new development in the life insurance industry in Singapore doom Great Eastern Holding Limited (SGX:G07)? More »

Is M1 Ltd Good Enough to Buy?

Sizing up M1 Ltd (SGX:B2F) through a seven step criteria to figure out whether it would be an interesting investing opportunity. More »

Is SembCorp Marine Ltd Good Enough to Buy?

Sizing up SembCorp Marine Ltd (SGX:S51) through a seven step criteria to figure out whether it would be an interesting opportunity. More »

The Three Numbers That Malnourish Mewah International

Mewah International delivers a low Return on Equity. What is the cause for that? More »

3 Things You Need To Know About the Singapore Share Market Today

It's all about the importance of valuing a company, Second Chance Properties Ltd's (SGX:528) latest earnings, and Keppel Corporation Limited's (SGX:BN4) future. More »

Here’s 1 Potentially Great Dividend Share

Kingsmen Creatives Ltd (SGX:5MZ) may have what it takes to be a great dividend share. More »

How Might The New Taxi Fare Structure Affectss ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited and SMRT Corporation Ltd?

What does the new taxi fare structure mean for taxi companies like ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited (SGX:C52) and SMRT Corporation Ltd (SGX:S53)? More »

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2 Simple Tricks to Help Make You a Better Investor

Peace sign (two)

The ability to keep our emotions in check is very important when it comes to becoming a better investor. Here're two ways to do... More »

How to Find Winning Shares to Buy


Price is what you pay, value is what you get. Here's how valuation can help you in investing. More »

What Lee Kuan Yew Can Teach Us About Investing


The story of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew not only teaches us about life, politics, and history, it might teach us about investing... More »

“Buy Low and Sell High”: Why It’s Harder than It Looks


Why buying low and selling high is easy to explain and say, but is hard to do. More »

1 Big Problem with Buying Dirt-Cheap Shares

Credit: hobvias sudoneighm
Credit: hobvias sudoneighm

DMX Technologies Group Limited (SGX:5CH) was a dirt-cheap share for many years. Turns out, there were significant problems festering within the firm. More »

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