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Noble Group Limited Leads the Market Lower This Week

How did the local share market perform for the week? More »

Singapore Stock Market Elephants To Watch

Can stock market elephants really outrun their smaller counterparts? More »

3 Things You Need To Know About the Singapore Share Market Today

It's all about earnings from Starhub Ltd (SGX:CC3) and Noble Group Ltd (SGX:N21), the folly of forecasting, and Warren Buffett's favourite business trait. More »

Is This Share With A High Dividend Yield Of 7.4% Actually A Yield Trap?

Serial System Ltd (SGX:S69) has a very high dividend yield of 7.4% at the moment. But is its dividend any good? More »

Noble Group Limited’s Earnings: What’s Next After First Quarterly Loss In 3 Years?

Is Noble Group Limited's (SGX:N21) latest earnings worth a cheer? More »

A Dangerous Misconception about Singapore’s Stock Market

if you're afraid of investing because of a recession, you need to read this. More »

The Week In Numbers: All-Time High

Singapore Airlines, Nasdaq, Nikkei 225, Singapore Consumer Confidence and interest rates make the news in this week's The Week In Numbers. More »

Interesting Observations about “Short Attacks” In Singapore’s Stock Market

Why we might not want to bother with shorting in Singapore's stock market. More »

How Rising Share Prices Can Become Painful Traps For Investors

Having a stock that rallies strongly might not be good news after all. More »

Three Things To Like About Olam International

It may only manager the supply chain of agricultural products but here are three things to like about Olam International. More »

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The Blind Forecaster


Who pays these people? More »

How Can You Become A More Rational Investor?


Can we really force our emotions out when we invest? More »

Investors Take Note: The Stock Market Will Always Crash

market chart

We can't escape from it. More »

What You’ll Need To Endure To Enjoy The Stock Market’s Best Gains

Runner in the sunset; running

Volatility and short-term declines are what you'll need to suffer through in order to earn great long-term returns. More »

Where to Store Your Wealth in Times of War?


Want to know where you should park your wealth during war time? More »

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