Simple Facts You Have To Know If You Invest In Shares

Why long-term investing works.

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What's behind Forterra Trust's (SGX: LG2U) massive spike? More »

The Best Value China State Owned Enterprise

Are there any screaming buys amongst the nine China State Owned Enterprises listed on the Singapore market? More »

Can This Share Deliver Growing Dividends For Investors?

Can Super Group Ltd. (SGX:S10) be a good dividend share going forward? More »

3 Things You Need To Know About the Singapore Share Market Today

Super Group Ltd's (SGX:S10) recent sharp jump in price, the secret to stress-free investing, and some high-yielding shares. More »

Here’s How You Can Be A Part Of Xiaomi’s Growth Story

Hi-P International Ltd (SGX:H17) is a firm which may benefit from Xiaomi's growth. More »

Simple Investing Advice from the Father of Value Investing: Ben Graham

Learn what the father of value investing, Ben Graham can teach us in investing smarter. More »

3 Companies Paying Dividends This Week

SATS Ltd (SGX: S58) is one of the firms giving dividends this week. More »

3 Shares with High Dividends Yields you’ve Never Heard Of

If you're interested in high-yielding shares, then you might be interested in companies like BRC Asia Limited (SGX:B03) and QAF Limited (SGX:Q01). More »

The Singapore Market This Week: Genting Singapore PLC Leads The Charge

How did the local share market perform this week? More »

The Week In Numbers – Sinking Yen

Japan's sinking yen, China opportunities, Singapore wages and Trans-Cab make the news in this week's The Week In Numbers. More »

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The Top 3 Things Smart Investors Are Doing

Credit: Lali Masriera
Credit: Lali Masriera

Want to be a better investor? Try out these three things. More »

3 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Investing

Credit: Darla دارلا Hueske
Credit: Darla دارلا Hueske

Would you like to invest with less stress? Here are three simple steps. More »

The Smart Way to Think About Wild Markets

Crystal chess pieces
Credit: Darla دارلا Hueske

Your range of possibilities. More »

Insightful Advice from Steve Jobs: “Don’t Settle”

Apple Store
Credit: Darla دارلا Hueske

What advice does Steve Jobs have for investing? Read more to find out. More »

1 Epic Investing Lesson from the Most Popular Travel Site in the World

sucess failure
Credit: Darla دارلا Hueske

CNBC questioned TripAdvisor’s CEO on his unwillingness to keep up with quarterly earnings expectations. His epic answer that followed is one to remember. More »

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