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What Is Motley Fool Stock Advisor Singapore?

Everything you want to know about Stock Advisor Singapore, a stock-recommendation service that recommends our analyst team’s top stock each and every month.

One of the primary goals of any stock market investor is to grow their nest egg and beat the broader market’s performance over time. Investors spend time, energy, and money trying to discern which stocks to buy (and when).

Motley Fool Singapore aims to make your investing experience a whole lot easier—and a lot more fun! Our core investing service, Stock Advisor Singapore, uses a time-honoured framework and approach to investing. Below, we’ll explain all about the service, and show you how you can get access to what we believe is a one-of-a-kind offering in Singapore.

What it is

The Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor Singapore service aims to provide users with a stream of monthly stock recommendations to help you outperform the benchmark Straits Times index over time.

Stock Advisor Singapore’s analysts aren’t concerned about a certain “style” of investing; their goal is simply to find stocks that will outperform over the long term. They scour both the local Singaporean stock market as well as international stock markets in that pursuit.

How it works

Stock Advisor Singapore subscribers receive a notification of a new recommendation published on our password-protected, members-only website via email. Depending on the month, the recommendation will be for either a stock in the local Singapore market or an international stock.

On the second Thursday of every odd (January, March, May, July, September, November) month at 5pm, Stock Advisor Singapore will publish a new Singapore-listed recommendation on the members-only website. These picks are made with the long term in mind, and seek attractive risk/reward relationships as opposed to traditional style boxes like “growth” or “value.”

On the fourth Thursday of every even (February, April, June, August, October, December) month at 5pm, Stock Advisor Singapore will publish a new international recommendation on the members-only website. The team recognizes that attractive investment opportunities exist in both the Singapore and international market, and believe that investing internationally can be a useful hedge against possible shortcomings in the local market. Some of the world’s best companies exist in international markets, and Stock Advisor Singapore aims to help you identify them.

For new investors to the international market, Stock Advisor Singapore has also created a special report to serve as your introduction to global stock markets.

In addition, Stock Advisor Singapore will publish two new Watch List stocks each month. These are stocks that the team is keeping an eye on as potential recommendations for both the Singapore and international markets. A company may be listed as a Watch List stock if:

  • The analyst team loves the business but the stock price is at a level they may be uncomfortable with
  • There’s a specific business catalyst that they want to observe before recommending the stock
  • They’re intrigued by the business but they’d like to watch its performance for a longer period before making a formal recommendation

Subscribers also have access to an online “Scorecard” to find links to the Stock Advisor Singapore team’s most current thinking on a recommended stock. The Scorecard also tracks all of the team’s recommended stocks in plain view—so you know how they’re performing on an absolute and relative basis.

Other benefits of membership

Stock Advisor Singapore is more than simply a list of stocks to buy. The team is also committed to your success as an investor. In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, upon subscribing you gain immediate access to premium reports covering important topics and industry trends, including Singapore’s Safest Retail REIT Dividend, 5 Secrets of a Winning Stock, and How to Get Rich By Doing Nothing.

You can check out what our members are saying about the service right here!

Guiding principles for Stock Advisor Singapore

In addition to deep financial analysis, there are several overarching principles that guide the Stock Advisor Singapore approach:

  • Focus on the underlying valuing of the business, rather than speculation of stock price.
  • Take a long-term view of investing, while being aware of the environment surrounding the recommended stocks.
  • Diversify your portfolio to protect against market volatility.
  • Avoid the crowds. Think for yourself and do your own research.
  • Leave emotions behind. Be prepared to ride through rough waters without making irrational decisions.
  • Keep score by accessing the performance of all previous picks at any time.
  • Be Foolish and have fun.

The Stock Advisor Singapore team is confident that by following these principles, they can not only help subscribers invest better, but to also have more fun while doing so.

The Stock Advisor Singapore team

The Stock Advisor Singapore team is led by David Kuo, CEO of Motley Fool Singapore. A longtime Fool, David is regularly in the media and his Take Stock newsletter has more than 100,000 subscribers.

David is joined by Fool analysts Chong Ser Jing and Chin Hui Leong, both longtime members of our Foolish services, in locating our latest stock recommendations.

Start crushing the market!

Stock Advisor Singapore’s dual goal is to help subscribers beat the market while also increasing their investing knowledge.

Our “Foolish” approach, and our combination of both local and international stock recommendations, aims to not only hedge risk, but expose our members to market-beating investment opportunities. So join us in our journey, and subscribe today.