What Is Stock Advisor Gold?

In its simplest form, Stock Advisor Gold is Motley Fool Singapore’s elite-tier investment service run by Singaporean investors for Singaporean investors – as well as Motley Fool Singapore CEO and celebrated investor David Kuo’s personal investing club.

With Stock Advisor Gold, our aim is to provide an unparalleled service experience that not only brings you specific stock recommendations, but education, commentary, and even live events that will help you achieve your long-term saving and investing goals.

Each month, Stock Advisor Gold members receive two stock recommendations – our current top stock from right here in Singapore, as well as our No. 1 international stock. If you’re currently a Stock Advisor Singapore member, you’ll realise right off the bat that you’ve just doubled the number of stock picks you get each month.

Every stock recommendation is heavily vetted and researched before being selected – and written up in a comprehensive, in-depth research report – by the Stock Advisor Gold team.

In addition, you will get ongoing coverage of every single one of our active recommended stocks, so you can always be fully informed when making any crucial investing decisions that may arise.

Though we are long-term investors, should the thesis of one of our recommended stocks change, we will issue SELL alerts on occasion – letting you know when we think it’s necessary to sell a particular stock.

Each month, our Stock Advisor Gold analysts will also include our current favourites from our prior recommendations into a “Best Buys Now” feature, which make it easy for you to know which Gold recommendations we like best – and why – each month.

We also provide a fully vetted official “Watch List” of both Singaporean and international stocks we’re keeping an eye on, but haven’t formally recommended just yet. When the timing is right, we’ll already be well-prepared to pull the trigger and officially add these Watch List stocks to the ranks of our official stock recommendations.

As you can see, stock picks are certainly a pillar of the service. But as a member of Stock Advisor Gold, you also receive a FREE ticket to our annual FoolFest Singapore all-day investment conference, hosted by David Kuo and the Stock Advisor Gold team. (General admission tickets for FoolFest Singapore go for $799, but Gold members get FREE access!)

Another one of the unique features of Stock Advisor Gold is unparalleled access in the form of private interviews with high-powered executives, CEOs, and professional investors, as well as exclusive site visits, where we arrange members-only “field trips” so that our members can come face-to-face with the companies we recommend.

If networking is what you’re looking for, we also offer private, members-only discussion boards, where you can interact directly with the Gold team, as well as your fellow Stock Advisor Gold members – most of whom are highly successful investors, executives, entrepreneurs, and business people themselves.  Just imagine the networking opportunities!

Or you can sit back, put your earbuds in, and listen to our monthly “Gold Insider” podcast, which details what’s driving markets and the stocks that are on our radar.

On top of all that, if you join Stock Advisor Gold in the highly limited new-member window period coming up very soon, we’ll also send you a new-member Welcome Kit by mail upon joining – featuring a host of goodies you can find nowhere else, such as your very own personalised Stock Advisor Gold Membership Card engraved with your name on it!

But perhaps the most exciting feature in all of Stock Advisor Gold will be a brand-new one that is coming in just a few days’ time: David Kuo’s Personal Income Portfolio. To show just how powerful dividend investing can be when it comes to both generating consistent “paycheque-like” income… as well as how you don’t have to sacrifice growing your nest egg in the process… David will be staking $100,000 of his own money into a fully allocated portfolio of 15 stocks.

What’s more, ONLY Stock Advisor Gold members will be able to view and follow along with David’s Personal Income Portfolio, as well as get continual updates when it’s time to purchase a new stock for the portfolio… sell an old one… and, perhaps most important, rebalance when a position becomes a larger percentage of the portfolio than David considers optimal.

For more information on the David Kuo’s Personal Income Portfolio, just click here to watch an eye-opening video from the man himself.