Meet the Stock Advisor Gold Team

David Kuo – CEO, Motley Fool Singapore and Chairman, Stock Advisor Gold

David has racked up a few “first-ever’s” as CEO of Motley Fool Singapore. He is now lead advisor for Stock Advisor Gold, which is The Motley Fool’s exclusive private investment club and recommendation service here in Singapore.

David is also a renowned financial broadcaster and his views are regularly sought by the BBC, CNBC, Fox, RT, Channel NewsAsia and 938LIVE.

His free weekly bulletin “Take Stock Singapore” is read by more than 100,000 Singaporean investors and he is a regular columnist at The Straits Times and The Independent.


Chong Ser Jing – Analyst, Stock Advisor Gold

Beyond David Kuo, Ser Jing may very well be Motley Fool Singapore’s most recognized analyst — he’s published more than 1,500 investing and finance-related articles on!

After discovering The Motley Fool in 2010, Ser Jing quickly became a core part of our growing team.

In investing, Ser Jing believes that half the battle is won if an investor starts from the basic idea that stocks represent real ownership of parts of a business. He appreciates a wide variety of investing styles (growth, value, GARP, you-name-it!), but has an appreciably soft spot for companies with great financial fortitude, visionary management teams with integrity and ability, and ample market opportunities to exploit.


Chin Hui Leong – Analyst, Stock Advisor Gold

Hui Leong has been a fellow member of The Motley Fool community since mid-2005. In late 2014, he joined a team that manages a real-money portfolio within The Motley Fool (U.S.) premium newsletter service, Supernova.

Hui Leong holds a Masters in Logistics and a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Nanyang Technological University. His claim to fame is that he is from the food haven of Penang, which he constantly reminds his fellow Fools of. When it comes to picking shares, his preference is to buy great companies with great management teams for the long term.


Joanna Sng – General Manager, Stock Advisor Gold

Prior to joining The Motley Fool, Joanna was working as a director for the Singapore Economic Board when her lucky day came, and the Chief Operating Officer of The Motley Fool knocked on the door of her office!

Her job is to make sure every minute of your Stock Advisor Gold membership is a “red carpet” experience.