Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is Stock Advisor Gold different from Stock Advisor Singapore?

A: When we launched Stock Advisor Gold two years ago, our hope was to build an exclusive, invitation-only club for investors here in Singapore.

But, since that time, Stock Advisor Gold has exceeded our highest hopes for the service.

For starters, as of 15 May 2018, the stocks we’ve formally recommended inside Stock Advisor Gold are beating the market by an average of 9% per pick! Some individual picks are performing especially strongly, like:

  • Mastercard (NYSE: MA), up 101.1% since July 2017!
  • Super Group, which we sold for a tidy 50.2% after just 5 months!
  • Micro-Mech (SGX: 5DD), up 75.1% since last April!
  • AEM (SGX: AWX), already up 90.4% in under half a year!
  • Nestle Malaysia Berhad (KLSE: 4707.KL), which we just recently locked in an 87.5% gain for!

And though it’s never wise to measure investment performance by such short-term increments, we’re incredibly pleased with the long-term prospects of all the stocks on our scorecard.

The exclusive access we’d dreamed about at the launch of Stock Advisor Gold has also gone exactly as we’d hoped.

From our private company site visits at SGX and the Funan Showsuite to our wonderful coffee conversation at Privé Café just two days after “Brexit” jolted world markets, we’ve felt a true sense of community and purpose through Stock Advisor Gold.

Stock Advisor Gold members listen to a presentation at the Funan Showsuite as the exclusive guests of CapitaLand Mall Trust.

And, of course, there’s our annual crown jewel event, FoolFest Singapore – full of fantastic speakers, break-out sessions, and food and drinks to nourish your stomachs!

This year’s FoolFest is set to be our best yet. Gold members will enjoy presentations given by some of the country’s best-known CEOs and investment managers, as well as invaluable meet-and-greet and networking opportunities during our “breakout” sessions.

You may well be familiar with Stock Advisor Singapore, our low-cost stock-recommendation service. It is part of our commitment to bring affordable investing advice to the masses.

To help you visualise the key differences between the two services, we’ve put together the chart below:

  Stock Advisor Singapore Stock Advisor Gold
# of Singapore-listed stock recommendations per year 6 12
# of international stock recommendations per year 6 12
Total stock recommendations per year 12 24
Member-facing “Scorecard” of all past recommendations
“Watch List” stocks
Complimentary ticket to annual FoolFest conference (a $799 value)
Private pop-up member events
Members-only discussion boards
Monthly “Gold Insider” podcast
Exclusive site visits/field trips
Personalised Gold Membership Card

And much more… stay tuned for all the details!

Q: What is this I hear about a David Kuo personal portfolio?

A: David Kuo’s Personal Income Portfolio is the newest feature we’ve added to Stock Advisor Gold, and probably our most exciting one yet.

In just a few days’ time, David will officially reveal the 15 stocks that will initially make up his Personal Income Portfolio – accessible only by Stock Advisor Gold members. He’ll provide a precise allocation recommendation for each stock in the portfolio, as well as continual updates on when to BUY new stocks for the portfolio… SELL positions that no longer fit into his strategy… and perhaps most important, when to REBALANCE the portfolio’s allocations.

This Personal Income Portfolio represents precisely how David has invested so successfully throughout his entire life, and why he’s decided to back it with $100,000 of his OWN money.

Simply put – should you join Stock Advisor Gold in our brief, extremely seat-limited membership reopen period, will have a full, unrestricted view into David Kuo’s personal investment strategy. Almost like getting to take a peek into his brokerage account itself!

Q: What will David Kuo’s Personal Income Portfolio strategy focus on?

A: As the name implies, David’s personal portfolio will focus heavily on companies that pay a hefty dividend… with an added emphasis on REITs and other property stocks. Here’s what David has to say on the topic…

“After decades of buying stocks, I have realised that income investing should be an integral part of every share portfolio. For me, it means cash to do with as I wish. It has allowed me to pay off my mortgage early, travel whenever I want, and give me immense financial freedom. I hope it will help you achieve your financial goals too.”

Q: Is David Kuo really backing his Personal Income Portfolio with $100,000 of his OWN money?

A: Yes, he absolutely is! Here’s the man himself to explain why…

“At The Motley Fool we often talk about the importance of directors having some skin in the game. In other words, owning shares in the companies they run. With my Personal Income Portfolio, I am putting $100,000 of my own skin in the game.

I don’t think there is a better way to show commitment than to put my money where my mouth is. By building this $100,000 portfolio, and allowing you to invest right alongside me and make exactly the same moves that I make in my portfolio, I hope you can experience the same delight I get every time a dividend cheque hits my bank account.

By doing this with me, you will discover that there will be moments when volatile markets could affect the value of our stocks. But the income that the portfolio generates could be largely unaffected. In those crazy times, we can take advantage of the falling share prices to generate even more income when our next dividend cheque arrives.”

Q: How many stocks will be in David Kuo’s Personal Income Portfolio?

A: David will initially select 15 stocks for his portfolio, including full allocation guidance. That said, whenever he finds an income-based stock that he likes, you can anticipate him adding it to the portfolio pretty soon after.

These won’t all be Singaporean companies, either. After talking to David, we expect to eventually see companies from Hong Kong, the U.S., Malaysia, the U.K., and perhaps more! It all depends on precisely where David uncovers what he considers the most lucrative opportunities!

Q: How much does Stock Advisor Gold cost?

A: We haven’t begun accepting new members into Stock Advisor Gold quite yet. But when we do, rest assured that you’ll be formally emailed a private invitation to join, which will include everything you could possibly need to know about membership, such as:

  • Each and every benefit you’ll derive from membership in Stock Advisor Gold.
  • All of the investment research and analysis that you can expect to gain access to.
  • A list of the FREE bonus perks and premiums we’ll be sending you the second you join.
  • And, of course, a comprehensive breakdown of our pricing and membership terms.

So please just keep an eye on your inbox in anticipation of your private Stock Advisor Gold invitation arriving in just a few days’ time!

Q: When will Stock Advisor Gold officially reopen?

A: It won’t be long!

Right now, we want to show you how valuable our Stock Advisor Gold service could be for your long-term wealth. That’s why we’ve packed this hub with tons of FREE exclusive research and investing insights, so you can decide for yourself if Stock Advisor Gold is tailor-made for your investing, business, and networking goals.

And keep an eye on your inbox… because we expect to formally begin extending new-member invitations in the coming week. That said, our acceptance period won’t last more than a few days at the most, at which time we’ll be closing our doors. What’s more, we have a strict limit on how many new seats will be opened up inside Stock Advisor Gold.

So you won’t want to delay long, or you will absolutely miss out on the rare chance to join this exclusive investment club!

Q: Who performs the research and makes the picks in Stock Advisor Gold?

A: Stock Advisor Gold’s Chairman is well-known media personality and investor David Kuo, who is also the CEO of Motley Fool Singapore.

He’ll be flanked by expert analysts Chong Ser Jing and Chin Hui Leong, who will be doing much of the “boots on the ground” research.

Stock Advisor Gold General Manager Joanna Sng will be ensuring every day of your experience with us is of the “red carpet” variety. For more information on our entire team, just click here to visit our Meet the Team page!

Q: Why is there a time and seat limit for Stock Advisor Gold?

A: Stock Advisor Gold was launched with one goal in mind… to provide members with exclusive benefits that can’t be found anywhere in Singapore, such as access to Motley Fool Singapore CEO David Kuo, and a front-row seat for members-only site visits with some of Singapore’s most respected companies and investing pros.

We simply can’t provide thousands of new members with this sort of valuable investing guidance right now.

That’s why we’re opening Stock Advisor Gold for a limited time, and perhaps even restricting the number of seats when we do so.

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