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Discover how Artificial Intelligence’s “Third Wave” unlocked the key to what could be a US$5.8 trillion windfall...

Dear Fellow Investor,

What I’m about to tell you could change your life forever.

Change the way you work…

Change the way you travel...

And even change the way you eat.

But more importantly, I want to show you how AI could alter your financial life permanently.

Right now, we’ve identified a group of companies actively using AI to power their businesses.

In a moment, you’ll see how this has the potential to supercharge your portfolio in the long term.

But now, I want to jump straight to an important and urgent part:

The “hidden pattern” of technology waves.

Technology sits at the forefront of today’s investing world.

Some of the biggest companies in the world — like Facebook and Amazon — are leaders in the technology sector.

These tech companies have produced colossal returns for forward-looking investors.

But what our research shows – and what many everyday investors are not aware of – is that technology’s rise to the top has been the result of distinct market cycles.

You can spot these market cycles easily. They are repeated, identifiable and appear like a pattern.

Understanding these patterns could be your key to not only discovering the next big technology trend… but also helping you determine the exact right time to invest.

Prior cycles have followed a distinct pattern…

First, a cycle starts when an “origin technology” is created.

Next, the world’s smartest minds catch onto its potential, and springboard the technology from a mere “concept” to something that is world changing.

Data suggests that this creation process takes 5 to 6 years.

And then – BOOM– in a narrow and explosive window of time, the technology hits the mainstream and creates tremendous amounts of progress...along with massive investing returns.

After careful study, we call the pattern we see from these technology market cycles “waves.”

Like a wave in the ocean, they begin far away quietly… steadily building up momentum and energy… and then hit a breaking point where ALL the energy of their journey is released in a powerful force that washes away everything in front of it.

The key to uncovering profits is to locate that critical moment when the technology is released into the world...

Because that is when the next generation of world-altering companies is created.

This has been proven not once, but TWICE in the course of history…

I’m sure you’ll remember the “First Wave”...

The “First Wave” started in 1989.

It was in that year that the World Wide Web was created, an origin point marking the start of the next technology market cycle.

From that moment in 1989, the smartest visionaries in technology moved into working on the web.

With every progress made, the wave’s momentum built.

Until – BOOM – 5 to 6 years later, all that momentum from the “First Wave” broke.

In a narrow window of 18 months, internet-based companies like Amazon and eBay, the first web browsers like Netscape Navigator, and the first search engines like Yahoo! were founded at an astounding rate.

And so an era was born.

Of course, some early investors who bet on the innovative companies from this era are still profiting to this day.

Like those who followed Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner’s Amazon recommendation in the U.S. when he first recommended them in 2002, which has now grown more than 100X!

And in the last 10 years, this “hidden pattern” repeated itself…

Leading to the rise of the “Second Wave” and once again rewarded investors with incredible gains!

With the momentum of the dot-com boom slowing, last decade saw the emergence of a new – and even more powerful – technology market cycle.

Our research shows this “Second Wave” began in 2002, when widespread “3G” mobile Internet was first flipped on like a switch across North America.

In the coming years, the most visionary minds in technology flocked to mobile, building everything needed for this “Second Wave.”

And, sure enough, in the exact same timeframe as technology’s “First Wave,” we again hit a moment where this technology wave broke.

In the period of 2007 to 2008, we saw an explosion of mobile progress with the release of the iPhone, apps, and the first Android phone.

In that period, the best companies in the world aligned themselves with the mobile wave.

The effects are even more far-reaching than many investors realise yet…

Take Netflix, a media company built for the mobile age.

Over 80% of its growth today comes from “mobile first” countries across the world. Its ability to ride the mobile wave has led to incredible returns.

returns as of 19/06/19

A spare change investment of $1,000 in Nov 2008 would balloon to around $82,000 by June 2019.

Or MercadoLibre – an e-commerce company where two-thirds of sign-ups come from mobile.

returns as of 19/06/19

An investment of $1,000 in Dec 2008 would have exploded to around $44,000 in June 2019.

These technology waves cannot be ignored because they become the dominant technology trends in our lives.

Each wave dominated the technology world for more than a decade…

And like you’ve seen with Netflix and MercardoLibre, produced game-changing stocks with enormous investment returns.

But in 2019, we at The Motley Fool believe we are entering into the “Third Wave”.

Just like how the internet and 3G shaped the technology landscape, we think artificial intelligence is going to be the NEXT defining advantage for companies...

Paving the way for them to dominate trends like self-driving cars, robotics and the future of cloud computing.

According to the consulting firm McKinsey, AI could create up to US$5.8 trillion in annual value to the global economy.

Put it this way: It’s almost like adding Japan’s economic output to the world economy...every year.

Some of the smartest minds across the business world – from Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk – are in agreement:

This has the potential to change everything.

A billionaire member of the popular TV show Shark Tank even went so far as to say, “With artificial intelligence… we’re going to see more technological change over the next five years than we’ve seen over the last 30.”

And with Motley Fool analysts beginning to believe AI has officially become the dominant trend in technology, the time to take advantage of this wave is now.

The first step is to know how to spot the wave...

How to spot AI’s “Third Wave”

In 2012, a little-known technology competition changed the fate of the world.

One team that participated in it used powerful new “learning software” and demolished the competition…

Unsurprisingly, the software this team used spread like wildfire across all the most advanced technology companies in the world.

It grew from being used in a single project to more than 1,200 projects in a matter of years.

You may have heard of this radical technology by now – it’s called “deep learning.”

It’s a kind of an AI that mimics how the human brain works.

Essentially, you feed the software enough data, and it’s able to start “learning,” much like a human child.

Deep learning and AI quickly began solving some of technology’s most challenging problems, leading to breakthroughs like…

  • Predicting the energy output of wind farms
  • Learning how to detect and correctly diagnose over 50 eye diseases
  • Conquering chess and shogi without aid of human knowledge
  • An automated clearance system that uses facial recognition at one of Shanghai’s Airport
  • And even the ability to learn and predict new flavour combinations to change the things we eat

In fact, AI is projected to increase labour productivity by up to 40%, enabling people to make more efficient use of their time.

So it’s no wonder the smartest business minds in the world are obsessed with AI’s ability to transform industries far and wide. In fact, the world’s richest man, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, believes it could usher in a new “golden age.”

Business leaders surveyed by PricewaterhouseCoopers said they believe AI is going to be fundamental in the future.

But here’s why we’re so confident that early 2019 could be a pivotal moment for artificial intelligence…

And why this could be a very, very profitable moment for you personally.

If we chart AI’s progress since that origin point where deep learning first wowed the world… we find a remarkable discovery.

Our analysis shows AI appears to be in the same narrow “sweet spot” where both the Internet (the “First Wave”) and mobile (the “Second Wave”) saw gigantic leaps forward.

Sure enough, looking at the charts from 2018, we find that companies making early pushes into AI have experienced some of the market’s most impressive returns.

A company called New Relic (NEWR) released its new Radar artificial intelligence solution on September 13, 2017, and since then rewarded investors handsomely.

returns as of 19/06/19

A modest $10,000 investment would have turned into around $19,000 today - that’s nearly double your money in less than 2 years.

On September 26, 2017, Splunk (SPLK) announced a major program to expand artificial intelligence and learning software across its platform, and the stock immediately took off.

returns as of 19/06/19

A $10,000 investment has already turned into around $18,500 in less than 2 short years.

On October 25, 2017, The Trade Desk (TTD) bought AdBrain to boost its artificial intelligence efforts.

CEO Jeff Greene expected AdBrain to start showing financial results in the second half of 2018.

And in August 2018, patient investors were promptly rewarded when the stock soared more than 68% in a matter of days!

A $10,000 investment would have netted you more than $16,800 in days!

Of course, that was the beauty of finding profitable opportunities a year earlier and holding the stock for the long term.

(After all, The Motley Fool is not about a rapid-fire type of trading service, but rather, we’re more into buying great companies and holding them for many years to come!)

Like with Internet stocks during the dot-com era or smartphone stocks last decade, we're now seeing AI stocks making "science fiction" technology a reality at breakneck speeds.

And signs across the business world show AI experiencing the same sudden breakout as the Internet and mobile phones.

Bloomberg crunched the number of times CEOs had mentioned “artificial intelligence” in earnings calls with investors, and the chart sure looks like the birth of something special to me...

Considering some of the world’s greatest investors agree that artificial intelligence is technology’s next big event and the evidence shows its takeoff may be beginning today

These are all signs that are screaming the arrival of the technology “Third Wave”...

And that 2019 could be forever known as the true "Year One" of the AI wave.

Dr Lee Kai-Fu, a venture capitalist and former AI researcher, describes 2019 as the “age of implementation” — the year in which AI starts “spilling out of the lab and into the world.”

It’s exactly why I recently launched a timely report to help you take advantage of this unique moment in market history.

I’ll tell you exactly where I think investors should consider putting cash now in order to potentially set themselves up to profit from this incredibly rare opportunity…

But first, a quick introduction…

I’m David Kuo, CEO of Motley Fool Singapore. I’ve been with The Motley Fool since all the way back in 2000.

Before that, I ran my own global goods trading firm in Hong Kong, and even served as an advisor for Hilton Group’s Racing Division.

You may have heard me over Money FM 89.3 during your morning commute...

Or perhaps on CNBC Asia, The Straits Times and BBC, sharing my views about the financial world and talking about my favourite stocks.

But what you may not know is that when I’m not on the air, I spend the other 99% of my time finding the next big opportunity for our Motley Fool members.

My experience allows me to have a perspective few others have. It certainly allows me to consider investing opportunities many would have overlooked.

Which is why I’m writing to you today; there are signs everywhere that shows the AI trend is booming.

But don’t just take my word for it...

According to tech market intelligence company CB Insights, financing for AI deals jumped nearly 10X from US$282 million in 2011 to a whopping US$2.39 billion in 2015.

The famed wealth management company, Merrill Lynch, predicts that AI will have a 5 trillion dollar impact on the workforce in the next 6 years.

And when the power of AI is unleashed, some of these companies will be catapulted into towering heights.

By then, EVERYONE will have piled into the industry.

For those who did not have the opportunity like you to witness the rise of AI first hand, it will mean regret for not getting in on “Year One”.

And that puts you in an enviable position today to take advantage of the brand-new research report I’ve prepared on your behalf.

Introducing AI Trailblazers:

Our top 4 AI stocks today

AI Trailblazers is a report built for what looks for all the world like a once-in-a-generation event.

It’s designed to be a powerful resource for serious growth investors who want to receive Motley Fool Singapore’s top artificial intelligence recommendations all in one comprehensive, simple-to-use report.

Our Motley Fool Singapore analysts have done the work of scouring dozens of industries such as cybersecurity, robotics, self-driving cars, advertising, and social media – searching ONLY for companies leading the charge in the “Third Wave.”

After scouring through some of the world’s biggest stock markets, our analysts have narrowed it down to a list of our top 4 AI picks.

Within AI Trailblazers, you’ll receive not only the names and ticker symbols of each of these companies, but also in-depth research reports describing the specific and unique AI opportunities each one of these incredible companies will have in the coming months and years.

Inside AI Trailblazers, you’ll receive...

4 stocks we think can become the “cornerstone” of your portfolio.

These are companies that our analysts believe are making all the right moves to position themselves for dominance in the age of AI.

They’re actively using AI to change the way they do business, deepening their economic moats, and cementing their position as the market leader.

Like I’ve said, this is “Year One” of the AI revolution.

Imagine being around at the time of your great-great grandparents and witnessing the birth of the telephone… the car… the airplane...and the assembly line in factories.

The world changed forever thanks to these inventions.

Monumental fortunes were generated.

And these 4 companies are what we think will be at the forefront of AI, pushing it to the limits and creating a new line of world-changing inventions.

Unfortunately, I can’t really reveal too much here about these companies, otherwise the names of these stocks will spread around.

But I can tell you a little bit about one of our AI Trailblazers...

AI Trailblazer 1: This company is a one-stop shop for companies looking to sell, market, communicate, and provide support to their customers.

Their estimated market size is $143 billion, so we expect plenty more growth in the years to come. In fact, we think the stock has the potential to double over the next 3-5 years.

Why investors should consider buying this stock


This superstar stock has a wonderful habit of beating and raising guidance.

Consider this: according to S&P Capital IQ, the company has either made or beat every single consensus revenue and normalized EPS target over the last 11 fiscal years.

That's incredible discipline, especially in the tech industry where careless capital management and lack of discipline are almost considered a badge of honour.

So when the CEO talks about doubling revenue again over the next four years — more than 20%-plus average annual revenue growth — it's believable.

Meanwhile, they have 2 new AI-powered technologies scheduled for release in 2019. These technologies allow them to do amazing things like these:

  • Capture meeting notes simply by talking naturally - the software will automatically transcribe them into words...
  • And based on the content of the notes, the software can detect opportunities to grow their revenue.
  • Allow clients to build their own voice assistants without the need for complex coding.

I’m just scratching the surface here, but it’s wild, cutting-edge technologies that must be seen to be believed.

And we believe it is an absolute game changer for their business.

Inside AI Trailblazers are 3 more stocks with similar, if not better, growth potential than the one that I just talked about. You'll have all the ingredients designed to supercharge your portfolio - ready to dominate not just 2019, but the next decade...

With the pace of artificial intelligence accelerating at an extreme rate, we had to present them to you now before you miss the boat.

Which brings me to just one final, all-important question…

How much will access to AI Trailblazers cost?

Consider that the deep-dive research at the core of AI Trailblazers has taken months to compile…

So it might surprise you to learn that you can get immediate access to AI Trailblazers for just $99.

That’s a price we believe is fair given the rigorous research on a cutting-edge trend from a trusted source like Motley Fool Singapore.

It is important to note that all of AI Trailblazers’s content is available up front, so there will be no refunds on this report.

That said, I do have just one final warning…

The clock is already ticking… at the rate AI is progressing, the opportunity to get in early fades the longer you delay.

The investments in the report are already making huge progress as we speak.

If you’ve ever looked back at recent years and wished you’d invested earlier in companies like Netflix and MercadoLibre...

Or wished you had the hindsight to take advantage of world-changing events...

Then you’ll want to quickly jump on this opportunity before you’re priced out of the action.

We’re offering generous terms TODAY because we’re so confident in the game-changing potential of AI, and we want to get this report into the hands of as many forward-thinking investors as we can.

So act now and grab the report to prepare for the start of a new era!


To your trailblazing wealth,

David Kuo
Motley Fool Singapore

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