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The Rocket Fuel of the AI Boom

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Everyone is talking about the artificial intelligence revolution.

Harvard Business Review calls it, “the most important general-purpose technology of our era.”

One Google Insider predicts AI, “will be as transformative as the discovery of electricity.”

And it’s already transforming industry after industry.

  • It’s been used to identify potential treatments for Ebola, multiple sclerosis, and various types of cancer.
  • The Director of Research at Microsoft said, “everything we do now is influenced, one way or another” by this technology.
  • Vehicle manufacturers can use this technology to predict mechanical failures BEFORE a part fails.

And we’re just starting to scratch the surface of the potential applications.

We have heard about AI for years…but it never really lived up to the hype…so what unlocked this huge tidal wave of innovation?

The answer is a radical breakthrough that Wired says is “the rocket fuel of the AI.”

And this giant leap forward has Wall Street insiders seeing dollar signs.

The CEO of ARK Investment Management even went so far as to say that this breakthrough in AI is worth 35 Amazons.

And with everything I’m hearing coming out of Silicon Valley and Wall Street…

It has transformed AI so much that it has the potential to be bigger than the internet.

And if you’re an investor…I haven’t even told you the best part.

Because thanks to this critical AI breakthrough, it unlocked the key to what could be worth a $5.8 trillion market.

Five years from now, you’ll probably wish you’d take note of this emerging tech.

And the good news is that you can find out all about this incredible technology today…

Including the chance to find game-changing stocks to supercharge your portfolio…in a special investor memo I’ve prepared.

I encourage you to act quickly before the story of the coming AI boom leaks out.

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