Motley Fool issues NEW SGX Buy Alert

By: David Kuo

My team and I recently issued a BUY alert for over 4,000 members inside Motley Fool Singapore’s flagship service – Stock Advisor Singapore.

Thousands of our members are pouring over one of our recommendation as we speak.

No, we’re NOT talking about giant blue-chip stocks such as Singapore Airlines or Singtel.

Even the mainstream media has mostly overlooked it…

This small-cap company is flying almost completely under the radar but it’s quietly making waves in the healthcare industry.

Why? The company’s market cap is taking up only 0.4% of the estimated S$40 billion healthcare sector in SGX…

Yet it surprised many investors by punching above its weight – ranking as one of SGX’s top-performing healthcare companies so far in 2019.

In fact, early investors are grinning from ear-to-ear when they saw how incredible its results were from 2012 to 2018:

  • Net profit increased steadily at a rate of 20.4% per year.
  • Free cash flow grew at a rate of 38.5% annually.
  • It had minimal to zero debt.

The icing on the cake is that the company is currently only taking up 8.9% of one niche in Singapore’s private healthcare market…meaning there is potentially plenty of gas left in the tank for expansion.

Of course, there’s another big reason investors are excited about our recommendation.

Many of these investors have profited from some of Stock Advisor Singapore’s recommendations, including…

  • American Tower – up 114.5% since we first recommended it in 2016.
  • SBSTransit – up 84.7% since we first recommended it in 2017.

And we’re confident that our recommendation can potentially perform as well, if not better, then them.

But there’s a catch: this hidden gem could see price changes very rapidly.

Since this stock is so thinly-traded, its price will skyrocket if too many investors jump on it.

In fact, we had to advise our members to use limit orders when buying these shares!

Of course, we invest for the long run at Stock Advisor Singapore, so it’s likely that it’ll remain a buy for a long time – and rest assured, my team and I closely watch every recommended stock in Stock Advisor Singapore, so that members will be the first to know if any recommended stock no longer looks like a good investment opportunity to us.

But here’s the thing: This means that you’ll want to jump onto this opportunity right now to get all the details.

So submit your email below to see how you can get access to our #1 stock recommendation we announced in May.

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