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Chong Ser Jing

Chong Ser Jing is a Writer and Analyst with The Motley Fool Singapore, providing analysis and coverage of Singapore's stock market on a daily basis. With more than 1,500 bylines under him at the Fool, he's also the co-author of a popular Singapore-themed investment book “Invest Lah! The Average Joe’s Guide To Investing.” Ser Jing graduated with honours in 2012 from the National University of Singapore’s Engineering Science Programme. But having been bitten by the investing bug since he was in his late teens, he decided to pursue a career in the investing world. With a desire to help Singaporeans (and the world!) invest better, he found a home in The Motley Fool Singapore. When he’s not busy digging through company reports and writing about his thoughts on investing, he can be found diving, playing music, running, or engaged in football with his mates.

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