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A Look At The Magic Formula Stocks For 2018 Using Warren Buffett’s Acquisition Criteria

Here is a repository of all the articles in a series that uses Warren Buffett’s acquisition criteria to analyse the 30 stocks that are highlighted in the article: The 30 Best Stocks In Singapore For 2018.

Note: Hengxin Technology Ltd  (SGX: I85) is not featured in the series because it had been voluntarily delisted from Singapore’s stock market on February 2018.

Article 1: APAC Realty – head here

Article 2: United Globalhead here 

Article 3: Sinopec head here

Article 4: Boustead Singapore head here

Article 5: Sunrighthead here

Article 6: Teckwah Industrial – head here

Article 7: Best World head here

Article 8: Straco head here 

Article 9: HRnetGroup head here 

Article 10: China Mobile head here

Article 11: Yanlord Land head here

Article 12: Tat Seng Packaging head here 

Article 13: Design Studiohead here

Article 14: Yangzijiang head here

Article 15: Valuetronics head here 

Article 16: PCI head here 

Article 17: Golden Energy and Resources head here

Article 18: Spindex – head here

Article 19: China Sunsine Chemical head here

Article 20: Aspen head here 

Article 21: Challenger – head here

Article 22: AEM head here 

Article 23: Hock Lian Seng head here

Article 24: OKP head here

Article 25: Geo Energy Resources  head here

Article 26: Capital World head here

Article 27: Lung Kee head here

Article 28: Delong – head here

Article 29: Sinostar PEC – head here