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The Week Ahead: RBA, RBI And Fed Monetary Policy

A whole bunch of US Federal Reserve members will take to the rostrum next week. The hawks will be at pains to say why interest rates should not be cut any more, while the doves will want to state their case as to why the Fed should adopt a zero-interest-rate policy.

Meanwhile, the US non-farm payroll numbers for September should show a further increase to 165,000, from 130,000 the previous month.

Economic numbers from China are few and far between as the country celebrates the 70th birthday of the People’s Republic. On show could be nation’s array of toys that include tanks, planes and missiles.

But the harsh reality is the Chinese economy is in contraction. The purchasing-managers’ indices are expected to show that the manufacturing sector has been hurt by the Sino-US trade dispute.

Retail sales growth could have rebounded in Japan in August. In July, they contracted 2% year on year. Sales were down for general merchandise, fuel, and also for fabrics, apparel and accessories.

The Reserve Bank of India will announce its latest interest-rate decision on Friday. The central bank is expected keep its benchmark mark on hold at 5.4%, after lowering them four times this year.

The Reserve Bank of Australia is also pencilled in for an interest-rate decision. At its last meeting in September, it left interest rates unchanged at a record low of 1%. But a new record low could be set if, as expected, it cuts it again by 0.25% to 0.75%.

And finally, Singapore will report bank-lending numbers that are expected to show a continued demand for borrowing.

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