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3 Investment Gurus You Should Pay Attention To

I read a lot of books, articles and other investment-related material on a daily basis. As an investor and avid reader, I would normally watch out for news or articles relevant to companies or industries I am interested in.

In addition to all these, I will also scan the internet for comments or remarks made by renowned value investors whom I admire. Listening to their wise words would usually value-add to my thought process and also enhance my knowledge of the world around me.

With that, here are three investment gurus you should pay attention to.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is almost a household name by now and is synonymous with successful, long-term investing.

At the ripe old age of 88, the Oracle of Omaha is still going strong, managing his sprawling conglomerate company and also hammering out deals to buy out entire companies. His wisdom and savvy when it comes to investing are unparalleled, and when Buffett makes comments on companies, industries or markets in general, I am always a fervent listener.

Howard Marks

Marks is no stranger to the value investment community, though his firm deals more with distressed debt, bonds and private equity rather than listed equities.

He is famous for distilling his knowledge on investing and market cycles in his regular memos, which are available for download by the public. Marks’ many years of observation and his long and stellar track record have resulted in him having a keen eye for details, and he shares this unselfishly through interviews and his writings.

He has also published two books – The Most Important Thing and Mastering The Market Cycle (which I am reading now). I previously also wrote an article on what he said in his latest memo.

Seth Klarman

Klarman is yet another famous value investor and is the chief executive and portfolio manager for the Baupost Group, which is an investment partnership he set up in 1982. As at 2015, his hedge fund has returned 16.4% annualised growth since inception (and through a few market cycles), making him one of the most celebrated and revered value investors within the investment community.

He is also the author of the seminal book, Margin Of Safety, which is now out of print. His prudence and rock-steady investment philosophy have guided him through many crises, and he is definitely someone worth listening to as he is always brimming with wisdom and good advice.

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