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Can Yanlord Land Group Limited Be The Next Billionaire Growth Stock Superstar?

A good growth stock can deliver pleasing returns to investors. But finding a business with a long runway of growth is not an easy task.

On Tuesday, we suggested two key criteria to find a good growth company: revenue growth and return on equity. Today, I would like to put some numbers behind the criteria to help us unearth a good growth company:

1) 5-year revenue growth of greater than 10%

2) Return on equity (ROE) greater than 10%

3) A market capitalization of over a billion dollars

With these parameters in mind, let’s look at one company which fits the bill.

Yanlord Land Group Limited (SGX: Z25) is a China-based real estate developer with a market capitalisation of S$2.5 billion. The firm focuses on developing high-end residential, commercial and integrated property projects.  Over the past five years, Yanlord Group has grown its revenue by almost 23% per year, as shown in the table below. That meets our first criteria for a growth stock.

Source: Morningstar; in RMB million

But revenue growth alone is not good enough.

We would also prefer to see the company maintain a strong return on equity. From the table below, we can see that Yanlord’s ROE has fluctuated between 7.33% and 14.69% over the past five years. From 2013 to 2015, the company’s ROE was below 10%, but in the last two years, the ratio has been comfortably above the 10% limit we set. That means that Yanlord has been returning upward of 10 cents on every dollar which it invested.

Source: Morningstar

In summary, Yanlord’s revenue growth and ROE gives us a sense of how well positioned the company is in reinvesting profits for its business expansion. The quick look above at Yanlord should serve as a starting point for investors to dig deeper into its financials to see if this blue-chip growth company is poised for further growth.

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