Your Essential Guide to the Best Investment Websites in Singapore

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett once said that the “most important investment you can make is in yourself.” It is an investment that nobody can tax or take away from us.

Here at The Motley Fool Singapore, we are continuously bringing you analyses on the Singapore stock market so that you can make more informed investing decisions. Our purpose is to help the world invest, better.

On top of our website, we believe that investors should widen their knowledge base by hearing opinions and gaining knowledge from other investment websites and blogs. As such, in this essential guide, we bring you some of the best investing and finance sites for you to explore. Here they are, in no particular order of ranking.

SGX MyGateway

SGX MyGateway is a website run by our local bourse operator. It provides timely market updates and exclusive interviews with some of the top leaders of Singapore-listed companies. For newcomers to the stock market, the website also features an Investor Roadmap to “ease you into the world of investing.”


Launched some 15 years ago, MoneySENSE is Singapore’s national financial education programme. It provides educational information to help Singaporeans better understand the various financial products available to them and manage their money more prudently.

The site also provides free online financial calculators for all to use, such as a mortgage calculator, goal savings calculator, and budget calculator.


DollarsAndSense has various informative articles on savings, insurance, investing, properties, and so on. It also contains HDB BTO launch location guides and reviews, which should be useful for new couples building out their lives together.


On top of being a comparison site for credit cards, insurance, loans, and more, MoneySmart also has a blog to provide readers with “tips, tricks and uncommon wisdom to help you get more out of your money.”


Seedly’s blog has articles with cool infographics on various finance and non-finance topics that are pertinent to people from all walks of life. It also offers a free expense tracker to help Singaporeans better save and budget their moolah.

Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth provides insightful articles, interviews, videos and case studies with a focus on the Singapore stock market.

The Fifth Person

The Fifth Person, which was founded by Rusmin and Victor, won the best independent investment website at the inaugural SGX Orb Awards this year. The site contains analyses on stocks listed in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the US. One highlight about The Fifth Person is that it has regular inside scoops from AGMs (annual general meetings) that are attended by its team.

The New Savvy

The New Savvy is a website focused on women in Asia. Some of the topics that are regularly covered on the site include investment, career, personal finance, and the different milestones in life. And who can forget beauty and fashion tips?


SmallCapAsia, as its name might suggest, has a focus on small cap stocks. It also offers a free stocks database.

Value Invest Asia

Value Invest Asia provides analyses on Asian stock markets. It also has a monthly interview series with successful Asia entrepreneurs, business leaders, and great investors.

ZUU online

ZUU Online has an aim to tackle the asymmetry of information between individual investors and the financial industry.


InvestingNote is a social network platform for users to share ideas on the stock markets.


SG is a useful site to get the latest analyst research reports on Singapore-listed companies.

Musicwhiz’s Journey

Musicwhiz provides lengthy insights into topics such as Singapore-listed stocks, the proper mindset for investing, and investing mistakes.

Singapore Investment Bloggers

This website keeps a regularly-updated list of topics from investment blogs in Singapore.

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