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Thai Beverage Ltd Is Trading Close To Its 52-Week Low Price: Is It A Solid Business?

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (SGX: Y92) is a company operating in four different segments, namely, Spirits, Beer, Food, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.

At the current price of S$0.835, the company is trading close its 52-week low price of S$0.83. This captured my attention and got me interested in finding out more about the company. In particular, I wanted to understand if it has a high-quality business.

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This question is important. If Thai Beverage has a high-quality business, its low stock price could be an investment opportunity. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer to the question. But, a simple metric can help shed some light on the question: The return on invested capital (ROIC).

A brief introduction of ROIC

In a previous article, I had explained how to use the return on invested capital (or ROIC) to evaluate the quality of a business. For convenience, the formula needed to calculate the ROIC is given below:

Generally speaking, a high ROIC will mean a high-quality business while a low ROIC will point to a business of low-quality. This is important for investors as a stock’s performance is often tied to the performance of its underlying business over the long-term.

The simple idea behind the ROIC is that a business with a higher ROIC requires less capital to generate a profit, and it thus gives investors a higher return per dollar that is invested in the business.

In its fiscal year ended September 2017 (FY2017), Thai Beverage generated a ROIC of 55.1%. This means that for every 1 baht of capital invested in the business, Thai Beverage earned 0.551 baht in profit. The company’s ROIC of 55.1% is around the average range, based on the ROICs of many other companies I have studied in the past. This suggests that Thai Beverage has a quality business.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that investors should be aware of when using ROIC. As at September 2017, Thai Beverage had about 31 billion baht in short-term borrowings on its balance sheet, which was not included in the computation of capital employed. Adjusting for the short-term debt, the ROIC would be lower at 34.5%.

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