The Weekly Nibble: Weekend Lessons from Warren Buffett

Here are some of the most interesting articles that have appeared on the Motley Fool Singapore’s website this week.

3 Personal Finance Aspects to Look into Before Investing

In this article, Stanley Lim looks at the three things we need to do even before we start investing in stocks. By having those covered, we will have the peace of mind to invest properly.

As an additional note, we should also make sure that we always invest with the money we do not need for at least the next five years. This will ensure that we do not take money out of the stock market prematurely.

Jump into Stanley’s article to learn more.

2 Important Lessons Warren Buffett Learnt From His Investing Mistakes

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.”

Over the course of his investing career, Warren Buffett has made many mistakes, and he has also learnt from them. My Foolish colleague, Esjay explores a key lesson Buffett learnt after he “made early and expensive mistakes due to him ignoring the institutional imperative”.

We can all learn from The Oracle of Omaha’s mistakes and not make them ourselves.

What Really is a “Blockchain”?

Almost everyone is talking about the blockchain technology, but do we know what is it all about? If you are as clueless as I once was, look no further.

In his piece, Jeremy Chia tells us what the new technology is about and how it works.

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