The Weekly Nibble: Famous Businesses of the World

Here are some of the most interesting articles that have appeared on the Motley Fool Singapore’s website this week.

1. The Danger of Being a Deep Value Investor

“Value investing” is one of the major buzzwords in the stock market. Value investors simply look for stocks that are selling for less than what they are worth.

However, as risk-less as it may sound, there is a huge danger of being a value investor. Do check out Stanley Lim’s article to find out more about it.

(Hint: Some stocks are cheap for a reason.)

2. The Stock Market Creates Billionaires

Many of the world’s wealthiest have amassed their riches through owning businesses and listing them on the stock market. As the value of their businesses grow, their stock prices usually follow suit.

In this article, the top four richest men in the world are highlighted together with the well-known companies they operate.

3. How to Assess a Company Against Its Competitors

In his article, Jeremy Lim explores the ways we can pit a company against another to find out which one offers the better bang for our buck. The three ways he highlights are:

a) Comparing the brands;

b) Looking at the product quality; and

c) Exploring the business sustainability.

You can dive into his article to learn more.

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