Interesting Articles on When Not to Buy Stocks and Terrible Reasons to Sell Your Stocks

An essential part of becoming a better investor is to read. And in that spirit, here are a few great articles from my colleagues I have come across recently that I think will help make investors of all stripes better.

When Not to Buy a Stock

As an investor, we usually look at what, how and when to buy a stock to outperform the market. Something else that is equally important, which is not emphasised as much, is when not to buy a stock.

Here, my colleague Jeremy Chia shares with us three reasons not to buy a stock. Personally, I find this article very useful to aid my thinking, and I hope you will like it too.

3 Terrible Reasons to Sell Your Shares

In this article, Jeremy looks at when not to sell your stocks, as opposed to when to sell.

So what are these three reasons?

Terrible Reason 1: Due to increase in share price

Terrible Reason 2: Because you read in the news that a bear market is coming

Terrible reason 3: Because of speculative world news

If you want to know more about these reasons, make sure that you read his article.

What Else Can I Invest In?

What if you want to invest in assets other than just stocks? If you have thought about that question before, then your question will be answered now. In his article here, my colleague Stanley Lim shares with us nine different ways to invest.

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