Here’s One Simple Trick That Made Me A Much Better Investor

How should we invest? Is there a roadmap for beginners to start and work our way up to Buffett’s level? Sadly, investing is a little like space; the more you know, the more you realize you do not know.

However, you do not have to be depressed if you are just starting out in investing. In fact, I found a great way for me to improve my investment skill simply by changing this one mindset.

Be As Curious As A Baby

In our society, we tend to have a stigma against portraying ignorance. We have to act smart in front of our spouse, we have to act smart in front of our bosses, and we have to act smart in front of our in-laws.

However, I find that by accepting the fact that there are so many things we are not knowledgeable about, it will open up our curiosity. And when we are able to be as curious as a baby, we would be able to learn so much more about being an investor.

This is because we will start being curious about how other great investors invest. We will be curious about what makes a great business a great business. We will be curious about all the businesses in the world, and this will open up our investment choices in the market. And because of our curiosity, we will have the desire to find the answers to all these questions.

What Are You Curious About?

So what are you curious about? It is time for you to start to tend to that curiosity itch of yours. Ask more questions, learn from others, ask your search engine, ask for opinions on social media. You will be surprised how fast your knowledge would compound in that manner. And as your knowledge compounds, so would your wealth shortly after.

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