3 Tools to Make You a Smarter Investor

Over the last few decades, I have met many value investors whom I greatly respect for their investment intelligence.

Although many of us might have different approaches and strategies in the market, I realised that all value investors in my circle are all continuous learner. They are always looking to learn new ideas, new concepts and more importantly, new tools to make them better investors.

Till now, I have found a few tools online that are helping me in my research and investing more efficiently.

Here are three tools that might make you a smarter investor.

SGX Stockfact

SGX Stockfact is a database portal created by our local stock market operator. It allows you to search through information about listed companies on the exchange very quickly, making us a  smarter and more efficient investor.

You can search for a company by name or ticker, and you would be able to review tons of information about the company.

You would also be able to look through the financials of the company, investigate the ownership structure of the business and look at its dividends track record.

Moreover, you can even screen for stocks that you might be interested in based on its financials, industry and valuation criteria.

Many financial data platforms can cost tens of thousands of dollars to access. However, SGX Stockfact allows us to access all these data for free.


Morningstar is also a database provider which provides information on stocks listed globally.

It is a great tool to use when investigating on companies that have interested you.

Besides providing financial information similar to SGX Stockfact, it also provides news and analyses on selected companies.

I use this tool regularly, especially when researching about international stocks.


If you are focused on calculating valuation of businesses, instead of creating your own complex excel sheets or using your good old calculator, there is a mobile application that I use to help me with the valuation process.

The mobile application is created by valuation guru, Professor Aswath Damodaran, from the Stern School of Business at New York University. The app is called “uValue”.

It has many functions, from a simple version of calculating the intrinsic value of companies to a complex version of estimating the value of options.

The application might need some time to getting used to but it has definitely help me in my valuation calculations.

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