One Of Singapore Telecommunications Limited’s Future Growth Areas – Digital Marketing

In one of the articles here, we highlighted that cyber security is an important growth area for Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74), since the company is moving away from a pure telecom service to other value added services.

In this article, we will explore another area of growth that SingTel has identified as a growth area, namely digital marketing.

Here, I will share the views of Samba Natarajan, the CEO of Group Digital Life on some key information about digital marketing industry and how SingTel is positioning itself in this industry.

Key trends

Digitalization has been one of the key trends that have changed our lives in a huge way in the past few years.

Similarly, it has also changed the way businesses conduct their daily activities and one of which is the change from traditional mediums to digital platforms.

So what are the key trends in digital marketing going forward? Here, an interview with Mr Samba featured in SingTel’s 2017 annual report offers some clues:

“Digital advertising as we know it is very different from a few years ago. Mobile devices have become pervasive and that has changed the way we consume information and interact. Consumers like you and I constantly switch between several connected devices daily to do things. It has become second nature to start off on one device, such as picking up your smartphone to get information on a product, then continue to another to make a purchase. So marketers have to think differently about how they engage customers with multiple devices.”

Mr Samba explains how digital advertising is becoming a challenge to marketers.

“……digital advertising ecosystem is going to continue to get more complex, especially with the ever-growing number of devices, apps, ad formats and media channels. Marketers are already grappling with disparate systems and budgets across different platforms, and trying to figure out how it all adds up.

Few can manage it in-house because they lack the capabilities and talent. What they really need are experts who can serve as consultant, strategist, media buyer and trader all rolled into one, to distill this complicated landscape and help them innovate and execute campaigns and react to the data in real-time.”

As seen above, digital marketing is becoming more complex due to the growing number and types of devices, apps, media channels and others.

Singtel’s answer to the trend

For Singtel, the answer to this growing business is Amobee.

Again, Mr Samba offers a number of clues as to why Amobee is a good solution to the customers.

“…… Amobee now offers customers an independent end-to-end advertising and data management platform across all programmatic channels, formats and devices…..

What this means for marketers is that they now have access to more resources and technical capabilities, deeper consumer insights and media strategy, and all the benefits of a unified buying platform with expert strategists for support. More importantly, they can think about buying ad media holistically instead of in silos.”

Lastly, Mr Samba offers some hints on Amobee’s strength.

“ Amobee’s strongest strategic assets is the independence and objectivity that comes with not owning media, and this significantly differentiates it from the competition.

No matter the channel, marketers want to know how and where their budgets are spent, and how to do so most effectively. Amobee will continue to be that trusted adviser to marketers, helping them make sense of data to better understand and reach their customers, and enhance the way they engage them, on a global scale.”


Digital marketing will become more complex going forward due to ever growing number of devices, apps, media channels and others. Thus, SingTel’s subsidiary, Amobee is in a good position to offer an independent end-to-end advertising and data management across the different channels, formats and devices.

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