Singapore’s Smart Nation Program: 9 Ways the Country Could Change

Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative officially kicked off in late 2014.

Under the program, Singapore is looking to use technology to improve urban living. The key areas of focus include public transport networks, housing, security, government services, healthcare and more. The prospectus for NetLink NBN Trust’s ongoing initial public offering (IPO) contained a study from Media Partners Asia (MPA) that delved into the efforts being made. The study was commissioned by NetLink NBN Trust.

To help investors get a better understanding of the Smart Nation initiative, here are nine areas that might change in the future:

For the first six ways – head here and here

7. Better living inside

The prospectus highlighted the efforts taken by the Housing Development Board (HDB):

“Improving living standards through the use of IoT-compatible [internet of things] infrastructure to enhance energy savings and provide access to remote healthcare.”

The idea of the internet of things is to help bring things that are still offline into the online world. Connected devices could include refrigerators, voice-activated speakers, digital door locks, and the like.

8. Better living outside

MPA also said:

“Leveraging a network of sensors placed at HDB estates that control facilities such as fan speeds based on real-time information on factors such as humidity and temperature. Sensors can also be used to monitor waste collection and the consumption of electricity and water.

Town councils will be able to use the data to improve maintenance cycles, pre-empt equipment problems, and target the source of problems.”

Information on waste collection could prove to be useful to waste management firms such as 800 Super Holdings Ltd (SGX: 5TG) to help them provide better services.

9. Secure living outside

Changes are also coming in the security space. There’s a video surveillance program that falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs:

“SPF [Singapore Police Force] has announced plans to install video cameras at all HDB blocks and multi-storey carparks (MSCP) as part of Singapore’s counter-terrorism and crime-fighting strategy. As of 2016, there are 65,000 cameras installed in all 10,000 HDB blocks and MSCPs, with another 11,000 planned across the island by 2020.”

In this area, Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (SGX: S63) will be looking to provide sensors to support the collection and analysis of the data generated. There are many other ways that Singapore could change as the different initiatives take hold. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

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