3 Ways Singapore Could Change Under the Smart Nation Program

Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative officially kicked off in late 2014.

Under the program, Singapore is looking to use technology to improve urban living. The key areas of focus include public transport networks, housing, security, government services, healthcare and more. The prospectus for NetLink NBN Trust’s ongoing initial public offering (IPO) contained a study from Media Partners Asia (MPA) that delved into the efforts being made. The study was commissioned by NetLink NBN Trust.

To help investors get a better understanding of the Smart Nation initiative, here are three areas in transportation that might change in the future:

1. Gathering information on transportation

The prospectus noted:

“LTA has placed wireless data transmitters on 5,000 buses and 28,700 taxis for data collection.

… MPA estimates that by 2021 there will be an additional 2,500 connected public buses and the amount and types of data collected will increase, resulting in increased demand for fibre connections.”

Data collected can assist Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA) to analyze demand and supply mismatches. For instance, the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) was implemented at SBS Transit Ltd (SGX: S61) to target areas with high passenger volume.

2. Autonomous vehicles

MPA said this about autonomous vehicles:

“LTA and A*STAR have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for a joint partnership to set up the Singapore Autonomous Vehicle Initiative to conduct R&D in the field autonomous vehicles (AV). The research partnership will look at the feasibility of having AVs for a mass transport service that operates on fixed routes and scheduled timings.

If this initiative is successful, MPA believes it will lead to a larger deployment of AVs on the roads in Singapore.”

The research conducted by LTA and A*STAR looks into areas such as the feasibility of driverless buses, a demand-responsive system supported by shared vehicles, and an automated road system to support a world with mass adoption of driverless vehicles. Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (SGX: S63) has thrown its hat into the ring to develop autonomous buses.

3. Intelligent transport systems

It’s not all about vehicles alone. Transport management systems, including street lighting, are expected to be upgraded:

“The development of the Remote Control and Monitoring System (RCMS) would allow street lighting to be more responsive to weather conditions, adjusting to varying street lighting needs based on visibility affecting conditions such as haze or heavy rain. It will also enable LTA to have a more efficient maintenance regime as it features automated fault detection and alert capabilities”

There are many other ways that Singapore could change as the different initiatives take hold. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.

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