Why Investing Is A “Forever Journey”

Is this you?

You have worked hard and finally managed to save some money. And you want to find a way to make your money work for you.

You have also found out about investing. You feel that it is a skill you could learn. And you reckon that you have always been a fast learner!

So you think that you can start learning about investing and soon you will be able to find all the great investments in the market and could be on your way to financial freedom. FREE-DOM! You can taste it already.

I am sorry to be the one who bursts your bubble. But it doesn’t really work like that.

Learning about investing, real-good-old-long-term-fundamental-value investing, is more than just a skill we can pick up. It is a way of life.

Many successful and profitable (that’s important) investors I know truly embody what investing is all about. It is about not overpaying for something. But investing is also about something that makes your investing journey a “forever journey”.

Investing is…

Investing is about continuous learning. That is why you see Warren Buffett still reads like a machine everyday. No matter how long you have been investing, or how well you have been investing, the world is always changing. That means that there will always be news things to learn.

The only way for us to stay relevant as an investor is to keep learning new things about the market, about business, and about the world.

A famous investor, Guy Spier, said he likes to read books about biology to help him be a better investor. He read books about ants and how they must adapt different strategies to ensure their survival. That taught him to be more adaptive when it comes to investing in order to be more successful.

Thus, you can see that we can learn how to be a better investor from many aspects of life. Real investor would consider everything that they sees in the context of how it might make them better investors in the end.

If that still does not scare you away from investing, welcome as we embark on this “forever journey” together.

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