Here Are 20 Numbers That Describe the Business of Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd

Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd (SGX:C07) released its 2016 annual report in April.

The company has a diverse business, with segments such as automotive, financial services, heavy equipment and mining, agribusiness, information technology, and infrastructure, logistics and others.

With so many moving parts to Jardine C&C, it is worth digging through the company’s latest annual report for insights on the performance of its business. I managed to pull together 20 numbers that would help investors understand Jardine C&C’s business:

1. In 2016, Jardine C&C recorded US$15.8 billion in revenue. The conglomerate also generated underlying profit of US$679 million.

2. Jardine C&C owns a 51% stake in the Indonesia-based PT Astra. The latter is by far the most important segment as it contributed 71% of Jardine C&C’s total underlying profit in 2016. Direct motor interests contributed 24% of Jardine C&C’s underlying profit while the remaining 5% comes from other interests. Let’s break down each segment next.

3. PT Astra is a conglomerate on its own with a contribution of US$499.8 million to Jardine Cycle & Carriage’s underlying profit in 2016. The automotive sub-segment is the biggest piece of PT Astra’s business, forming 59% of the US$499.8 million. Next up, heavy equipment and mining accounted for 22%, while agribusiness and financial services pitched in with 11% and 6%, respectively. Finally, the smaller contributions came from infrastructure and logistics at 2%, information technology at 1%, and property at a negative 1%.

4. In 2016, the direct motor interests segment contributed US$166.7 million to Jardine C&C’s total underlying profit. The US$166.7 million is divided by country. Vietnam was the largest at 56%. Singapore came in second with 30% while Indonesia (through Tunas Ridean) pitched in with 11%. Malaysia was the smallest with a 3% profit contribution to the segment.

5. Last but not least, the other interests segment, which accounted for US$33.2 million of Jardine C&C’s total underlying profit in 2016, comprises two main contributors: Thailand’s Siam City Cement and Refrigeration Electrical Engineering. The former accounted for 67% of the US$33.2 million while the latter contributed the rest of the 33%.

The numbers above help us size up the business of Jardine C&C and provide us with an overview of what its business looks like, and how it operates.

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