The Weekly Nibble: A List of Facts About the Local Stock Market

Here are some of the fascinating articles that have appeared in the Motley Fool Singapore’s website over the past week. Let’s dive straight in!

1. 19 Things You Have To Know About Singapore’s Stock Market

My Foolish colleague, Chong Ser Jing, has been collecting historical facts and figures about our local stock market for two years now to present them in articles. In this article, he showed an example of a stock that had plunged by 90% before going on to fall another 70%. Ser Jing warned that this can happen to any stock and that we should always focus on the fundamentals of a company, and not on its stock price.

2. These Are 5 Things You Should NOT Do In The Stock Market

In this article, Ser Jing shared five things that investors should not do in the stock market. One of the no-nos is to worry about the economy. According to a study by Vanguard, even rainfall in the US has more predictive power on the country’s future stock market returns than its GDP numbers. That’s a strong case for investors to not fret about the economy.

3. Why Being A Contrarian Investor Could Boost Your Returns

One of the greatest stock pickers in the world, Sir John Templeton, once quipped, “If you want to have a better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.” Doing something different from what the rest of the world is doing is not easy, but could be advantageous to your portfolio. Learn why from the link above.

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