The Weekly Nibble: Don’t Fret the Stock Market

Here are some of the more interesting articles that have appeared in the Motley Fool Singapore’s website over the past week. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1. The Stock Market Is Easy to Understand

In this article, my Foolish colleague, Chong Ser Jing, explores why the stock market is not complicated, unlike what many investors make it out to be. (Hint: Behind every ticker symbol, is a business.)

2. “Where’s The Market Going Next?”

Even though the stock market is easy to understand as described in the first article, it is very hard to predict what the stock market will do next. Take a look at the case studies shown in this article – also penned by Ser Jing – to understand why.

3. 2 Dividend Danger Signs

Let’s say Company A has a dividend yield of 3% while Company B has a dividend yield of 8%. Which company is a better buy? It may seem that Company B is a must-have in your portfolio due to its high dividend yield, but a high yield can also mean that investors are expecting potential problems with the business. Check out the article to find out more.

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