4 Key Insights Investors Should Know from Jumbo Group Ltd’s Chief Executive Officer

Jumbo Group Ltd (SGX: 42R) came public in late 2015. The homegrown company is best known for its flagship Jumbo Seafood brand of restaurants found in Singapore and other countries. But, there’s more – all told, Jumbo Group has over 20 restaurants and franchises in Japan, China, and Singapore.

In an article from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Jumbo Group’s chief executive, Ang Kiam Meng, shared some of his thoughts about the company. I had picked out four key insights from the article that may be useful for investors:

1. Making mistakes

2. Once bitten, twice shy

For the first two insights, head here.

3. Focus, focus, focus

As mentioned in the first point, Jumbo Group failed in its first international foray (which was into Indonesia). In contrast, the group’s second attempt – this time into China – was much more successful. The company has picked up some lessons from its Indonesia experience and one appears to be about focus. Ang said:

“If I open ten shops, I’d rather open them in one city than in 10 cities.

I want to focus on doing one thing first. That way, I can maximise human resources, and do a really good job. In the next three to five years, we want to establish our name in Shanghai. People from all parts of China and, really, all over the world come to Shanghai for business and for leisure, so it’s a good platform for us to highlight our brand.”

The statement provides some insight into Jumbo Group’s plan for the medium-term and long-term. For the medium-term, Jumbo Group is looking to establish its brand name in Shanghai. But over the long-term, the company could extend its business into other cities in China.

As one of the most visited cities in China, Shanghai provides a platform for the company to spread the word about its brand. If it is able to do that, then Shanghai could be a launch pad for Jumbo Group to bring its restaurants into other parts of China.

4. What Jumbo Group stands for

Ang also shared the four priorities that Jumbo Group’s restaurants have:

“To us, there are four ingredients to success; we call it our ‘four-grade philosophy.’ It’s great food, great service, great value and a great environment — in that order. The quality of food is of the utmost importance.”

As a restaurant operator, Ang believes that the quality of its food and service should be at the forefront of the group’s priorities. Then, comes the value and environment to enjoy the food.

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