Five Reasons To Love 2017

If you thought 2016 was hotter than a Chander Road chicken masala, then hang onto your seats. 2017 could make last year look like a bowl of ice-cold Korean bingsu by comparison.

Oh so Tweet

The inauguration of Donald Trump this week could set the tone for the rest of the world, for the rest of the year.

He has already signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to minimise the burden of the Obamacare.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. No one quite knows which Donald Trump will preside over America from here on.

It could be an anti-trade, anti-China, pro-Russia Trump. But it could just as likely be a more conciliatory, pro-business Donald that tries and heal the divisions caused by the election.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of Trump, the one thing that we can be certain of is that a Trump administration will be a Tweet-filled, disruptive and highly unpredictable affair.

Maybe yes, maybe no

Put a note in your diary for the end of March. That is when UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, said she wants to trigger Article 50, which will effectively set the clock running on Britain’s exodus from Europe.

But before that can happen, the Supreme Court will rule next week as to whether May has the authority to initiate a British exit without Parliament’s permission.

There is no guarantee that Brexit will even happen. But there is no certainty that it won’t, either.

Right and wrong

If Brexit was destabilising, there could be more instability when the people of the Netherlands, France and Germany go to the polls this year.

The tussle between the right and the left comes to the fore when the populist Dutch candidate, Geert Wilders, challenges the establishment. The anti-immigration Party for Freedom is currently leading in the polls.

France could have a far-right President too. The leader of the National Front Party, Marine Le Penn, is not only opposed to a multi-racial France but is also opposed to the European Union.

And is it even conceivable that Angela Merkel could be unseated by the far-right Alternative for Germany party? The German Chancellor has been a steadying force in Europe. But for how much longer? She has been losing ground over her support for Syrian refugees.

Chinese camel

Closer to home, Hong Kong will choose its next chief executive in March. Unlike most open elections, the leader of the Chinese Special Administrative Region will be chosen by an election committee appointed by China.

Depending on which candidate is chosen, there could be more unrest in the former British colony. It could be the straw that finally breaks the Chinese camel’s patience.

Interesting times

Will it be two, three or maybe even four interest-rate hikes by the US Fed next year? The decision over rates could be determined by Trump’s policies on the economy.

US companies that import – especially those that buy from China – will be mindful of America’s relationship with the Middle Kingdom. Those that export will worry about retaliation and retributions by other countries.

The upshot could be lower capital spending, which could hurt US economic growth. Question is: Will US consumers have enough firepower in their wallets to drive economic growth?

Uncertain times

2017 could be a…


…time for investors.

But not if you check out how we do it the Stock Advisor Way.

As investors we should welcome those special instances in the market, when those who don’t know what they are doing meet those of us who do.

Uncertainty and volatility in global markets could be a great opportunity for us to buy the shares that we have always wanted… but couldn’t because they were too expensive.

Down to earth

Here at the Motley Fool we don’t gamble.

Instead, we wait for those extraordinary moments when wonderful companies are brought down to earth by unusual circumstances.

I have at the ready a list of stocks as long as my arm that I want to buy. It’s called a Watch List.

I am looking forward to 2017 with my Watch List.

So should you, if like me, you understand and embrace the Stock Advisor Way.

For me, it is the only way to invest that makes sense.

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