Are You a Pokémon GO Gamer? Here’re 2 Investing Lessons You Might Not Want to Miss

It might be an understatement to say that the mobile game Pokémon GO has taken Singapore by storm.

Avid players are camping out in different locations in the island in search of new Pokémon to complete their Pokédex or capture strong Pokémon to conquer Pokégyms.

As a Pokémon Go player myself, I noticed that there were some interesting parallels between the game and investing.

Here’re two lessons that investors might take away from playing Pokémon GO:

1. Looking at the world with new eyesclick here

2. Keeping what you need, not what you want

A big part of Pokémon GO is about finding Pokémons to add to your backpack.

At first, it can feel exciting to be adding one Pokémon after another. However, gamers will soon find that their backpack is filling up fast; once it is full, they will be faced with decisions on which Pokémon to keep and which Pokémon to transfer out.      

Investing can feel the same way.

Every investment opportunity that passes our eyes might look exciting. But if we grab every stock in sight, we will deplete our finances quickly. Most of us have limited cash to purchase stocks after all.

So, we might want to consider our options with a little more care.

For one, we have to consider what we are trying to achieve with stocks. A company such as Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) for instance, can be more suitable as a source of dividends rather than as a source of massive capital growth because of its size.

When investing, the key question is: Does the stock you are looking at fit your financial goals?

With a finite amount of cash to invest, each opportunity that we go after could mean passing up another opportunity that arises somewhere down the road. We owe it to ourselves to consider each decision carefully.

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