3 Things For Investors To Be Worried About The Future

As you’re reading this, the world is mourning a tragic gun attack in Orlando, USA that left at least 49 people dead.

In Asia, there was a bombing at Shanghai International Airport that took place earlier this week.

Late last year, Paris suffered one of its worst terrorist attacks in recent years which killed at least 130 people.

The Middle East is mired in strife, with countries such as Syria and Yemen suffering humanitarian crises.

I’m stating all these to show that there is no shortage of bad news around. It’s also to act as a reminder that the future is always risky and uncertain. Here are three things that I think should worry investors about the future.

Terrorism and its effects

Terrorism’s tentacles seem to be spreading. The frequency of terrorist attacks appear to be on the rise and it’s not easy at all to deal with such threats. These uncertainties have led to the rise of interest in populist policies in some countries.

We are seeing politicians who have made racist and populist comments rising to office in some developing countries. It could possibly happen as well in some developed nations. A few commentators have likened the rise of these politicians to the rise of Adolf Hitler, the fascist leader of Germany who had a huge role to play in starting World War II.

That’s something to be worried about.

Expanding Chinese influence

For many of the smaller countries in East Asia, particularly those in the Southeast Asia region that Singapore counts as close neighbours, the rise of China’s political and economic might is both welcome and feared.

The growth of China has led to much higher Chinese investments in our region, bringing more opportunities to grow economically for the beneficiaries of the investments.

But, there are risks and one crucial example is the rise of threats to countries’ territorial rights. China has claimed that it owns a large swath of the East China Sea and South China Sea, contesting the territorial rights of many countries in Southeast Asia.

Will the affected countries be forced to give up their control on some of their territory in order to maintain a friendly relationship with China? Or will there be serious multilateral disputes involving China as a result? As the influence of China expands in the region, this risk grows and is worth watching.

Environmental risks

The near-annual haze that Singapore and Malaysia have to endure is a reminder of how important a clean environment is to us. Global warming is an urgent topic to discuss between nations as it is something that will affect everyone.

Without a commitment by governments around the world to work together to fight global warming, environmental challenges might stay unresolved for years to come.

Foolish Summary

There are many things to be worried about in the world today. But, there are also some things to be optimistic about as well. Here are three things that get me excited about the future.

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