3 Things For Investors To Be Excited About The Future

There are many things to be worried about in the world today. But, there are also some things to be optimistic about as well. Here are three things that get me excited about the future.

Power to the people

The internet has democratized the world. With the ease of sharing and getting information brought about by the internet, there is greater transparency in both the business world and in politics. The voice of the common man can easily be heard and the mistakes of politicians can be broadcast to the world.

The birth of the internet has also led to the creation of many new tools that enable individuals and small businesses to access a global market. Online platforms such as Facebook, Taobao, and Shopify have allowed small businesses to tap into a huge customer base at low cost.

Clean energy

Clean energy is gaining importance in the world, even as oil prices remain mired at a low level.

For instance, Telsa Motors in the US is taking on the world’s largest automotive manufacturers with its completely petroleum-free vehicles. Moreover, developed nations are not the only ones that are driving growth in clean energy. China is now the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world and it is planning to triple its solar power capacity by 2020.

In India, Tata Power, the largest power company in the country, recently announced a deal to acquire Welspun Energy for US$1.4 billion. It is the largest solar acquisition in India thus far and one of the biggest clean energy deals in Asia. With environmental threats growing, rising investments into clean energy make me optimistic about the future.

A change in transportation

The world is getting smaller – and that’s not just from the connectivity that has resulted from the internet. Huge investments are being poured into the transportation sector to reduce ‘distances’ in the world. Low-cost airlines have helped to massively cut travelling times between countries even for travelers with more limited means.

Some other exciting developments include China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative that has plans to build a high-speed rail linking China all the way to Singapore. If it comes to fruition, it’d be a huge step forward for Asia.

Then there are also initiatives by tech-giants such as Alphabet Inc  (the parent of search engine Google) and Baidu that involve driverless cars on the streets of US and China, respectively. Both are confident that the world can see driverless cars on the roads within the next decade or two. Driverless cars could change the urban landscape dramatically (less spaces for parking needed, for instance) and jumpstart productivity.

Foolish Summary

All of the above are exciting innovations and developments for the world that I’m optimistic about and I’m eagerly anticipating the changes they’d bring.

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