These 4 Stocks Have Grown Their Earnings By Over 15% For 10 Years

Growth investors seek companies that could grow their businesses at above average rates over the long-term future.

Unfortunately, no one has a working crystal ball that can allow them to accurately predict what’s going to happen next. This makes estimating the future of a business potentially tricky. One way that investors can glean clues on a company’s ability to grow is to look at its past track record.

A company that has been able to exhibit strong growth in its business in the past shows that it had the ability to drive its business forward impressively – and that can be a good starting point for further research.

The following are four companies I’ve found that have had a track record of growing their profits by more than 15% annually over their last 10 fiscal years:

The table below gives you a better idea of how the quartet’s profits have jumped over the past decade. It also shows their top-line growth:

Raffles Medical, Riverstone, Straco, Sim Lian net income and revenue growth table
Source: S&P Global Market Intelligence

There’s an interesting thing to note here: The four stocks come from very different sectors and are not very tech-related. Raffles Medical runs hospitals and clinics, Riverstone makes rubber gloves for use in the healthcare and cleanroom industries, Straco runs tourism assets in China and Singapore, and Sim Lian is in construction.

This goes to show that growth companies can be found in many types of sectors and need not come from just the ‘sexy’ technology sector.

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