“I Don’t Have Time for Investing”

For some investors, investing is about owning many stocks.

Owning many stocks, in turn, could mean spending a lot of time researching or keeping up with the latest developments of different businesses. In this setting, the time needed may be a commitment too far for some folks.

But time need not be a limiting factor here.

Index your way to satisfying returns

The SPDR STI ETF (SGX: ES3) may offer investors an easy way to participate in the stock market.

The exchange-traded fund (ETF) mimics the fundamentals of the Straits Times Index (SGX: STI), Singapore’s most prominent market barometer. As the Straits Times Index consists of 30 major companies in Singapore’s stock market, the SPDR STI ETF also offers diversification from the get-go.

Furthermore, the SPDR STI ETF has generated a decent long-term return for investors. From its inception on 11 April 2002 up till the end of this August, the total annual returns of the ETF (including reinvested dividends) is 7.11%. At that rate of return, an investor would double his or her money every ten years or so.

Index plus a few

If there is more space on your timetable, another approach would be something known as “index plus a few”.

As the name suggests, the majority of your investable money – say, 80% to 90% – would be parked in funds tracking major stock market indexes. The remainder of your capital could be devoted to a handful of companies that you have interest in.

The idea here is to focus your limited time to just a few ideas that would be manageable. If the handful of stocks are well-selected, they may even serve to provide a small lift to your portfolio’s returns as well, helping ensure that you’d have a market-beating portfolio.

Here’s how the math works. Let’s say that the index portion of your portfolio generates an annual return of 7% while you have two stock picks that each return 15% annually. In this instance, your portfolio’s overall return would be 8.6%, assuming you have an 80/20 mix between the index-tracking ETF and you individual stock picks.

For the busy individual, I hope that these ideas can be helpful.

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