Is The Apple Watch A Threat To Luxury Watch Retailers Like Hour Glass Ltd?

Credit: Shinya Suzuki

Sir Jonathan Ive may have seen the future. In a bold statement, the senior Vice President of Design at tech behemoth Apple claimed that the firm’s upcoming Apple Watch product could disrupt Switzerland’s storied watch industry.

With pre-orders for the Apple Watch likely being in the neighbourhood of around 1 million units, is Ive right with his prediction?

More importantly for investors in Singapore, should luxury watch retailers like Hour Glass Ltd  (SGX: AGS) and Cortina Holdings Limited  (SGX: C41) be worried about their prospects in the future?

With the Apple Watch’s wide price-points (prices range from the US$349 Apple Watch Sport to the U$15,000 Apple Watch Edition), Apple’s latest device has a price range that’s in direct competition with many luxury Swiss watches.

At first glance, the idea that a digital watch – one that needs to be charged every 18 hours or so and one that can perform the same tasks your smartphone can already do (albeit more poorly) – is going to cause disruption to an industry with hundreds years of history behind it might sound ridiculous.

And frankly, I do not see it either. As a lover of Swiss watches myself, I’m not getting excited about the Apple Watch now.

But having said that, Apple is a gigantic company (for a sense of scale, the company has US$142 billion in cash and equivalents on its balance sheet after deducting all borrowings) with a long history of disrupting industries that it had been new to.

The portable music device business, and then the music publishing business, had been shaken up big-time after the introduction of Apple’s iPod product and iTunes service. And if you’re reading this article with an iPhone, you’re looking at a device which completely changed the mobile phone industry after it was first introduced in 2007.

So, although the threat to the Swiss watch industry from Apple may seem small now, I believe it would be wise for investors, watch makers, and retailers like Hour Glass to keep a close eye on what the tech giant might do next.

We should not dismiss the Apple Watch so soon. To quote Andy Grove, the ex-chief executive of Intel Corporation, “Only the paranoid survive.”

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