Singapore Telecommunications Limited and Singapore Press Holdings Limited Might Be Leading the Digital Revolution in Singapore

When we think of investing in the digital and tech space, it’s generally the startups and cool new platforms and apps that cross our minds.

However, what many might not realise is that two of the most established companies in Singapore’s stock market are actually leading the charge in the tech space here. Meet Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SGX: Z74) and Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SGX: T39)

The pair have been investors in the digital space for a long time. Singtel, through its Digital Life business segment, has been investing in many tech companies with digital advertiser Amobee being one example. The company also owns a list of successful websites such as and HungryGoWhere in Malaysia. All these are just the beginning of the firm’s larger digital ambition.

Singtel is looking at big data, data analytics, and visualisation solutions. It also has its fingers in mobile video, gaming, music, and even ecommerce. Singtel, whose traditional business is in the provision of telecommunications services, is expanding its digital business through acquisitions and partnerships.

Meanwhile, newspaper publisher and property developer Singapore Press Holdings has been an active venture capitalist in the tech space through its SPH Media Fund. The company had recently invested in Peatix, a global online ticketing platform.

Singapore Press Holdings also owns a whole list of successful high-traffic websites such as,, 701search,, and In addition, the firm’s a leader in the online news space in Singapore.

A safer bet on the digital revolution

Interestingly, both Singtel and Singapore Press Holdings actually offer a much safer investment opportunity for investors who are looking to invest into the tech space.

This is because both firms have a strong revenue base from their existing non-tech businesses which can provide a valuable buffer even if the potentially-high-reward digital strategies fail. It’s a classic case of “Heads I win, tails I don’t lose much”

The downside

But it’s not all good news for investors. As both Singtel and Singapore Press Holdings have such large streams of revenue and profit from their existing businesses, it won’t be easy at all for their forays into the tech space to move the needle.

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