4 Things You Need To Know About The Oil And Gas Industry This Week

Welcome to the Sunday! Here are four things about the oil and gas industry that might interest you this week.

1. Oil and gas has suddenly turned into a dirty phrase over the last six months given that  oil prices have fallen from above US$100 per barrel in the middle of 2014 to less than US$50 per barrel now. As a result, many oil and gas-related companies have seen their shares fall too. Given this, are there any bargains in the oil and gas industry? I’ve taken a look at this topic recently, so jump in here to find out more.

2. A big question on many investors’ minds would likely be: What’s oil going to do in 2015? Thing is, it’s really anybody’s guess. But, there are still some important factors which can determine the global price of oil and understanding what they are can still help give us some important perspective. Find out what these factors are in here.

3. As important as the topic of oil is, should investors really be worried about how the price of oil moves? Global Logistic Properties Ltd (SGX: MC0) has managed to grow its business strongly despite the current upheaval we’re seeing with oil prices. In fact, it’s hardly alone – there are more companies which have managed to grow their businesses steadily regardless of what the price of oil had been doing.

4. Lastly, as an investor, we have to learn to look at each investment from different points of views. My colleague Chin Hui Leong had recently written an insightful piece on just how important it is to adopt different perspectives. He did that using oil & gas and infrastructure outfit SembCorp Industries Limited (SGX: U96). So, check it out here.

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