Top 4 Reasons Why Investing Might Be Better Than Sex

It is the holiday season, so let’s have a little fun. Here are my top four reasons why investing might actually be better than sex.

Number 1

In investing, your enjoyment of your investments grow with age because of the power of compounding. You will likely be able to enjoy your investments more at the age of 80 than when you are 20 as your portfolio would have increased significantly in size – and as you get older, the magic of compounding becomes even more dazzling. The same can hardly be said about sex as you age.

Number 2

An investor can spend his whole life looking for “cheap” stocks and be wildly successful. However, in sex, being cheap will only land you into trouble sooner or later.

Number 3

In a diversified portfolio, a mistake in one of your positions might not be significantly harmful to your whole portfolio. However, a mistake in your sexual life can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Drum roll… Number 4

You need to constantly find ways to spice up your love life with your partner, which can be quite tiring after 50 years! But in investing, one good old boring strategy can last you a lifetime.

Foolish Summary

This is just a fun and light-hearted article. Hope you have enjoyed reading from The Motley Fool Singapore as much as we enjoyed writing for you this year. Happy New Year everyone! See you around in 2015.


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