Is There Really A Lack Of Innovative Companies In Singapore’s Share Market?

Have you ever felt that Singapore’s share market has a lack of innovative companies that are common in say, Silicon Valley in the U.S.? Sure, although we might not have innovative powerhouses like internet search giant Google Inc. or e-commerce juggernaut, Inc., there are still companies that can be considered to have been breaking new grounds here in Singapore.

Cordlife Group Ltd (SGX: P8A) is a company focusing on providing cord-blood banking services. A cord blood bank basically allows parents to store their newborn babies’ umbilical cord blood for any future medical uses. It is a relatively new field given that the first private cord blood bank in the U.S. started only in 1992. As medical technologies advances, there might broader applications where stored cord blood can be used. If so, the demand for storage services might become more crucial in the future.

Silverlake Axis Ltd (SGX: 5CP) is one of the few software companies listed in Singapore. It is a provider of software solutions for major banking and financial services firms across the region. Currently, around 40% of all major banks in Southeast Asia are utilizing some form of software of service from Silverlake Axis. As banks in the region grow, Silverlake Axis might just be able to tag along for the ride.

It’s likely that not many people will regard Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SGX: T39) as an innovative firm given its core business of publishing newspapers and magazines. Yet, SPH actually has multiple online initiatives that have been very successful. For instance, some of the company’s websites, such as, and, are some of the top-performing webpages in Singapore and Malaysia. The company is also actively transforming its offline business to a new online model. The seeds are still small at the moment, but who knows what kind of trees they might grow into in the future.

Foolish Summary

Sure, the level of innovation in companies listed in Singapore might not have the scale and reach of the software giants in the USA or China, but there are still quite a few interesting and innovative companies here.

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