Tug Of Fools: Vibrant Group Ltd

Welcome to the Tug-of-Fools with The Motley Fool Singapore and Shares Investment, where two opposing analysts from the two companies will put forward their best arguments about a specific share.

The key objective of a two-sided argument is to present you with informative analysis. The more you know about a share, the better you can weigh up the potential risks and rewards.

In this week’s tussle, we’ll look at a company that is unlikely to be well-known amongst investors.

Vibrant Group Ltd (SGX: F01) is a logistics, real estate, and financial services company. It has a small market capitalisation of S$260 million. The company recently underwent a name change- it was known as Freight Links Express Holdings until November 2013.

The Motley Fool Singapore will put forward the bull argument, while the team from Shares Investment will present the bear case. You decide for yourself who you agree with.

Click here to find out why James Yeo from Motley Fool Singapore has a bullish view towards Vibrant Group and here to read why Shane Goh from Shares Investment has a bearish case.

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