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Hey Fools! It’s the end of the first week of August, so it might be a great time to look back on the top stories on The Motley Fool Singapore for the month of July. Without further ado, here’s the top 5:

1. What Has Gone Wrong With The Singapore Market

Depending on your timeframe and how you’re looking at things, Singapore’s share market can be considered a big laggard amongst other international markets. But, that doesn’t mean investors can’t do well by investing in Singapore’s shares. Find out why that’s so.

Some shares discussed in here: CapitaLand Limited (SGX: C31)

2. This Investing Master Could Help Us Find Our Next Winning Stock

Warren Buffett is one investing master that has famously not written any book himself on how he invests. But fortunately for the investing crowd, there are plenty of other successful investors who have generously penned down their methods. In here, read on about how one of them had invested and how it can be applied to our local share market in Singapore.

Some shares discussed in here: SembCorp Industries Limited (SGX: U96)

3. Be Careful – You Might Have All Your Eggs in One Basket Unknowingly

Theoretically, it’s easy to diversify in the share market by buying an index tracker – by doing so, you would own as many number of different shares as found in the index. But sometimes, owning many different shares does not mean you’re well diversified. Find out why in here.

Some shares discussed in here: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. Limited (SGX: O39)

4. 3 Shares to Hold through Thick and Thin

Investing in shares that have managed to prosper even in the toughest of times can be a great investing strategy. Find out the names of 3 local shares that have managed to shine even when Singapore’s economy looked bleak.

Some shares discussed in here: VICOM Limited (SGX: V01)

5. 3 Sturdy Shares That Have Excelled

Some growth shares are literally growing on a knife’s edge given that they borrow massive amounts of money to fuel their growth. But not every growth share is like that – there are some that have grown tremendously in a prudent manner by ensuring that their balance sheets are always strong and sturdy. Find out more about 3 such shares in here.

Some shares discussed in here: ARA Asset Management Limited (SGX: D1R)

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