Best of the Fool: Top 3 Stories of the Week

1. Three Shares For Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival, or Duan Wu Festival, is often associated with rivers, boats, and sticky-rice dumplings. The story goes like this. In the ancient State of Chu in what’s now a part of modern China, there was a statesman by the name of Qu Yuan.

He was an admired citizen and loyal to Chu. However, the leaders of Chu questioned his loyalty and exiled him after they were hoodwinked by officials from the State of Qin, which long had designs on capturing Chu.

Three decades after Qu was exiled, Qin invaded Chu, prompting Qu to lament the sad state of affairs in his beloved homeland. He eventually committed suicide in the Miluo River due to grief.

The locals there had long admired him and when they heard about his suicide, they rushed out to the river on their boats to save him. When that failed, they wanted to preserve Qu’s body in the river for as long as possible; they helped by dropping rice dumplings into the Miluo River so that fishes would leave Qu’s body alone.

Now that there’s an idea of how the Dragon Boat Festival’s close association with rivers, boats, and sticky-rice dumplings came about, inside here you’ll find three shares that have a focus on boats, food, and rice.

Some shares discussed in here: Keppel Corporation (SGX: BN4), Noble Group (SGX: N21)

2. “What Can I Buy Now?”

It’s very common for the public to ask professionals within the investment industry this particular question: “What can I buy now?” But, the answer isn’t as simple as just a few stock tips. In fact, having these professionals give out tips might even be dangerous. Find out why that’s so.

Some shares discussed in here: Straits Times Index (SGX: ^STI)

3. How To Increase Your Money 10-fold

Decades ago, when life expectancies were much lower, most people worked for 40 years and then retired for only 10. In the modern era, we now want to work for the same 40 years, but are expected to be retired for 20, 30, or even 40 more years. The sums wouldn’t quite add up in the latter situation and that’s why we need to either: 1) Work for longer; or 2) make our money work harder.

For those who would prefer the second option – specifically, to find out how you can make your grow 10 times larger – find out more here.

Some shares discussed in here: Genting Singapore (SGX: G13), Sembcorp Marine (SGX: S51)

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