Why Super Group Just Became A Much Better Company

Ser Jing - Super Group First Quarter Results, Strong Brew of Profit (pic)The great Yogi Berra once said: “You better cut the pizza in four pieces because I am not hungry enough to eat six.

The mangled quote by the former major League baseball player highlights the silliness of some companies that steadfastly maintain a high share price, which effectively locks out many smaller private investors.

Until such time that lot sizes are reduced to more attainable levels, companies with high share prices could do more to make their shares more accessible. By refusing to do so, they are essentially reducing liquidity, trading volumes, marketability and proper price discovery.

The simple truth is that increased liquidity can help investors and the market discover the right price of a share, which in turn should lead to a proper valuation of a stock. This is something that Super Group (SGX: S10) has done through its recent one-for-one bonus issue.

By doubling the number of outstanding shares on the market, the company has neither increased nor decreased its market capitalisation. It has not reduced its profits or its revenues. But what it has done is allow more investors to transact its shares and arrive a proper valuation of the business.

Indirectly, Super Group has also improved price continuity. As a consequence of creating a deeper market for its shares, prices should not change appreciably from one discreet transaction to another. That is because there should be more buyers and seller in the market who are prepared to deal at around the prevailing price. In other words, it has prevented drastic price movements.

Super Group should be applauded for its actions. In one fell swoop it has become a much better company by improving share-price transparency. It is a pity that other companies with their highly-price shares are unwilling to do so. Things might improve when lot sizes are cut. That day cannot come soon enough.

In a few weeks’ time, our Motley Fool Singapore analysts will be making a site visit to Super Group. I already have a list of questions as long as my arm. If you have any questions that you would like us to put to the company, please let me know. You can email them to

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