Tug-of-Fools: Raffles Medical Group

Regular readers should be familiar with our Tug-of-Fools feature in which two in-house writers will tussle over a particular stock. But we’ve since added an extra dimension to the head-to-head battle of words.

Welcome to a brand new collaboration between Shares Investment and Motley Fool Singapore, where two opposing analysts from the two companies will put forward their best arguments about a specific stock.

The key objective of a two-sided argument is to present you with informative analysis. The more you know about a stock, the better you can weigh up the potential risks and rewards.

In this week’s tussle, we will be looking at healthcare operator, Raffles Medical Group (SGX: R01). The Motley Fool Singapore will put forward the bear argument, while the team from Shares Investment will present the bull case. You decide for yourself who might be right and who could be wrong.

Click here to find out why Chong Ser Jing from Motley Fool Singapore has bearish concerns about Raffles Medical Group and click here to read why Choo Hao Xiang from Shares Investment is bullish.