The Best Gift You Can Give Your Kids

“Do well in school and get a good job in the future.” How many times have you heard that one when you were still a student? Do you hear yourself saying that to your children nowadays? Thing is, we generally tend to forget the next question, “What happens after the ‘good job’?

I recently came across a presentation by a 13 year old child who spoke about the hopes and dreams a typical child would hold dear. The idea the young lass presented is both simple and profound: Children hope to be happy in the future, or as I understand it, they want fulfillment in life.

Our Human and Financial Capabilities

However, the path to happiness is not living in a perfect situation or living a luxurious lifestyle.

The way this Fool sees it, it is the progression one can make in his or her life. You have to feel that you are constantly improving or moving toward maximizing your own human capability. But in order for us to capitalize on our human capability, we must have the financial capability available to do that.

If we are constantly worrying about our next meal, then we are in a struggle for survival and how then, would we have the time or resources to think about bringing out the best of our human capabilities?

But if we can go beyond the survival stage, where trying to put a meal on the table is simply not a problem anymore, we can think about how to make the most of our human capability.

For example, say you want to be an artist – that dream might require you to have certain financial resources at hand to help subsidize a lack of income in your nascent artist-career.

Or perhaps you are passionate about performing charity and want to do good for the world. If you have both the financial resources as well as the human capability to help, you will be able to achieve so much more, like how billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has helped make his Gates Foundation a force for philanthropic-good around the world.

A Fool’s Take

But how then, should these financial resources come about? We can start with investing. Knowledge about investing shouldn’t be just for the rich and privileged or the few who are interested. Instead, it should be for everyone who simply wants a more fulfilling life. That’s because learning to maximizing our financial capability is the necessary tool in life that helps us accomplish the important objective: the pursuit of happiness.

Since the topic of investing is rarely touched upon in our school systems, it will be up to parents to pass it to the next generation, to teach their how to fish rather than giving them fish. Why not start today?

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